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Your First and Last Resort for Instant Funds

MyCreditBucks, a next-generation online lender with instant financial assistance through affordable loans in Ireland without any guarantor and collateral. Our efficient team customizes the deals to make it suit your repaying capacity. Our 24x7 presence makes you able to borrow funds for almost any purpose.

With a commitment to provide uncompromised financial services, we give value to your time through the paperless procedures. Get money irrespective of credit score status with basic repayment capacity. If you are jobless or you are facing any other tough situation, we are ‘OK’ with that too if there is any possible source of income to repay the funds.

Our Versatile Personal Online Loans in Ireland Satisfy Diverse Needs

We shorten the life of financial crisis every time it crosses your way through our loan solutions that act as the saviour during tough times. We know that the requirement of money can appear for any reason and in any condition. Why suffocate the capacity of a loan product by putting the limits on how it can be used? We are liberal in our lending policies, and that reflects in the financial solutions we offer.

Quick last minute chaos Car purchase or car repair Miscellaneous
Medical emergency New car purchase Funds for jobless
Unexpected travel Used car purchase Educational expenses
Sudden moves Small scale car repairs Cost of living crisis
Sudden household repairs Major car repairs Pet related expenses

Stay ready with a list of needs because here you can borrow money for just anything between the short-term and medium-term financial requirements. No matter how varied are your circumstances or expenses, almost everything can be served here.

Why Is It Correct To Apply For Unsecured Personal Loans?

The capability of a loan product to fulfil your financial needs decides how correct the decision is. The unsecured personal loans in Ireland are efficacious enough to serve the diverse needs in day-to-day life. These are the experts of small to medium and long-term needs. Nothing challenges their utility when it comes to money-related concerns of the borrowers.

The obvious feature of customisation with the loans makes them the right choice. The lower rates, small instalments make a perfect team to pull you out from a money crisis. Also, the multiplicity of the purpose proves that while borrowing funds, one needs to take no stress on what purpose to mention. The unsecured loans in Ireland to serve personal purposes are among the cheapest ways to satisfy financial needs.

The Types of Loans We Offer and Their Price List

We offer funds for short-term to mid-term needs. Here is the quick mention of the loan types we offer with the rate of interest and the Annual Percentage Rate. Have a look at the details –

Loan name Upto €10000 Interest rate% APR%
Quick loans Upto €4000 14.5% 14.5%
Loans for Unemployed Upto €5000 12.99% 12.99%
Car Loans Upto €10000 8.9% 8.9%
Doorstep Loans Upto €4000 20.2% 20.2%
No Credit Check Loans Upto €5000 17.3% 17.3%
Farm loans Upto €50000 8.75% 8.75%

Bunch of Benefits That Come With Our Loans

We aim to offer multiple benefits through our different loan products. Here is a quick look at them -

Why Should MyCreditBucks be in your list of Loan Agencies in Ireland?

We can give you several reasons to explain why we are among the reliable money lenders in Ireland, and the rest is always on your discretion –

MyCreditBucks has only one aim, and that is your financial well-being and to attain that we are ready to explore every possible method. Our 24x7 presence is one of the factors that we can present here as the example of our efforts for you. We know financial assistance is of no use if it cannot be available when you actually need it.

With ‘at your service’ attitude, our team is always there to offer the best offers with one strategy on loans in Ireland, i.e. flexibility. Contact us and we are more than happy to help you ANYTIME.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your queries will have an answer from our financial experts.

Should I be a homeowner to Apply for loans?

mycreditbucks is a new age private lender in Ireland and ready to accept loan applications of all the individuals irrespective of their financial status. No matter whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, you are welcomed here and can easily qualify for the loans. However, we have certain guidelines for both the tenants and the homeowners in terms of loan deals.

How Much Amount Can I borrow?

It is an important question that almost every borrower has in their mind. At mycreditbucks, the loan amount largely depends upon two factors and these are:

  • On the repayment capacity of the borrowers
  • On the basis of income earned

On the basis of these two factors, the amount range can vary from £1000 to £25000.

What Will Happen if I Miss My Repayments on Due Date?

As a responsible direct lender, we understand that there may be a few events occurred in anyone’s life where making the repayments would not be possible on the due date. This is to inform you that we do not charge anything for it. You can rely on us but at the same time, you have to make us familiar with what event has happened so that we can adjust the dates. Besides that, we would also like to suggest you that keep this option as only the last one and try to repay the taken amount on time.


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