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Simple Lending Terms

Simple Lending Terms

Your financial situation is complicated not our loan terms.

Swift Loan Procedure

Swift Loan Procedure

Apply today and get funds today. That’s hassle at all.

Best Approval Chance

Best Approval Chance

99% approval chance on your loan application. Believe it!

Direct lending at its Best

It is obvious being a human you cannot predict what can happen next. But mycreditbucks clearly tells you that at least your financial future is secure. Nothing is impossible and it is rightly said, we make lending so easier for you and getting the financial help at the right time becomes very much possible for you. In whichever city of Ireland you are living in, you can approach us to apply any of our loan products.

  • Responsible lending with result-oriented deals
  • Straightforward approach to fund the needy ones
  • Instant Solution to all short-term and long-term financial problems

'Borrower’s satisfaction is our biggest appreciation’ is the policy on which we are serving the financial interests of the Irish people. As being a dependable private lender in Ireland, we understand our duty and that is why we have taken an onus on us to provide you the best lending experience. Unemployment, bad credit history and the lack of savings are the problems but loans are the real solutions to come out from these. Just follow our simplest of guidelines and gain maximum financial advantages to have an early peace of mind.

Basic Information on Personal Loans

Life sans loans seems to be impossible while the cost of living is soaring unexpectedly. A loan is a financial tool you use to fund your needs. Various short-term loans are out there claiming to meet all your unexpected expenses. You can get funds as immediately as you put in the loan application. Sometimes you may need a more significant amount, and hence small loans cannot be appropriate to finance your needs. There are certain events you would like to borrow a large amount of money, for instance, wedding, home renovation etc. Personal loans can let you borrow money without bearing high-interest rates and obligation. A direct lender will not ask you to put collateral, which is why they are unsecured loans.

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is an amount of money you can borrow to meet more considerable expenses like education, home renovation and emergency. Personal loans are also short-term loans, and hence their duration is not more than five years. As long as your credit rating is right, you will get the deal at best interest rates. When you apply for a personal loan, a lender will get a copy of your credit report from credit reference agencies. The most common agency from where lenders fetch details about your credit score is Experian. Some lenders collect data from Equifax and TransUnion.

What are the best personal loans for bad credit?

You are eligible to apply for a bad credit personal loan as long as you prove that you will manage to afford repayments. Interest rates will likely be higher because of a poor credit rating. While taking out personal loans for bad credit, you should make sure that:

  • You check your credit file to know it does not consist of a default you do not recognise, and all your details are up-to-date.
  • You shop around to get the most competitive deal.

Since you do not need to arrange a guarantor or collateral to apply for personal loans, lenders may turn down your application due to impaired credit standing. In this situation, you can apply for other types of personal loans depending on your needs.

  • Quick loans– These loans are apt of you do not need to borrow more than £2,500. The ideal situation to apply for cash loans is unforeseen expenses.
  • No guarantor loans– The maximum amount you can borrow with no guarantor loans is £5,000. You can apply for these loans for both planned and unexpected expenses.
  • Bad credit loans– These loans are a kind of personal loans. Your poor credit rating will not restrict you from borrowing money. However, the borrowing limit may be smaller than personal loans.

If you are looking forward to personal loans despite bad credit rating, you should arrange a guarantor with a good credit history. It mitigates the risk of the lender and hence improves the approval rate.

How personal loans affect credit rating

It might not be very easy to get a personal loan if your credit rating is not up to the par, but on the other hand, it improves your credit score. Most of the people take out personal loans for bad credit for the following reasons:

  • To consolidate multirole debts
  • To improve the overall credit file

Personal loans are paid over an extended period. If you make payments on time, your lender will inform credit reference agencies of your time payments. This record will boost your credit score. Other short-term loans cannot improve your credit rating because you have to pay off the loan in a lump sum and it does not imply that you will stay loyal to your repayments even if the financial circumstances change. When it comes to applying for a personal loan, you must consider your affordability irrespective of your credit rating. At the time of signing the agreement, you should take stock of fees, prepayment penalties, interest penalties and late payment fees. Use online calculators to know the total cost of the loan. Make a repayment plan and ensure that you will not struggle to meet all your regular expenses along with loan payments. Shop around before grabbing a deal as interest rates vary from lender to lender.

Choose Right Unsecured Personal Loans

Are you searching for the right personal loans by direct lenders in Ireland? Well, you are already at the right place. No other lender can provide you PROPER and PROMPT funding access irrespective of any situation. We have expertise and specialisation in offering personal loans for bad credit people in particular. You are our eligible borrower as long as you ensure us for the repayments. If you do, we have lots of features to offer such as no documentation, no credit check, and always a chance of improving the credit profile. Now, you have every reason to apply for our small personal loans. Do it!

Loan Benefits That You Are Eligible For

Just inform us with your financial trouble and we vouch for an early removal of it by presenting these benefits:

Funds on Same Business Day

You have applied here because you want instant loan disbursal. We don’t want to disappoint you and provide you with funds on the same business day of application submitted.

Borrow as Per Your Needs

Purpose will be yours and solution will be ours. Whether you want money for urgent car repair or for home improvement, bespoke loan deals are waiting to help you.

Apply Loans Anywhere, Anytime

Our vast online presence makes easier for you to find us anywhere in Ireland. You just need to visit our website and follow the online loan application procedure while sitting at home or office.

No Affect on Credit Score

Opportunities are equal for every individual and there will be no affect on your credit report. Our no credit score check policy allows a smooth fund disbursal irrespective of credit history.

How We Are Different from Others?

MyCredit Bucks

  • No Early Repayment Fees
  • No Credit Check loans  Process Works
  • Same Day Fund Transfer
  • Complete paperless application procedure
  • Flexible loan interest rates and repayments
  • Loan policy confirmed after analysing individual circumstances

Other Direct Lenders

  • Maximum lenders do not allow this
  • Either hard credit check or soft credit check
  • Fund disbursal may delay up to days or weeks
  • Few submission of documents may be required
  • Borrowers are not sure about the loan terms
  • The loan policies are inflexible and borrowers have to follow them

Frequently Asked Questions

All your queries will have an answer from our financial experts.


mycreditbucks is a new age private lender in Ireland and ready to accept loan applications of all the individuals irrespective of their financial status. No matter whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, you are welcomed here and can easily qualify for the loans. However, we have certain guidelines for both the tenants and the homeowners in terms of loan deals.

It is an important question that almost every borrower has in their mind. At mycreditbucks, the loan amount largely depends upon two factors and these are:

  • On the repayment capacity of the borrowers
  • On the basis of income earned

On the basis of these two factors, the amount range can vary from £1000 to £25000.

As a responsible direct lender, we understand that there may be a few events occurred in anyone’s life where making the repayments would not be possible on the due date. This is to inform you that we do not charge anything for it. You can rely on us but at the same time, you have to make us familiar with what event has happened so that we can adjust the dates. Besides that, we would also like to suggest you that keep this option as only the last one and try to repay the taken amount on time.

  • Truly a pleasure to have a loan from mycreditbucks. You guys are really amazing not just in terms of providing the loans but in quick service and competitive interest rates. I have recommended your name to few of my friends so that they can also get the best lending option whenever they feel financially unsecured.
    - Sharon D, Dublin
  • Amazing how professionals you guys are. In fact, you are the only reason why I am standing now as a financially secure person. I applied for the loan and you responded me on the same day and helped a lot in completing the application procedure, which was also not complicated. Thank you so much for such useful lending experience.
    - Roger, Ireland
  • I am your second time borrower and have not faced even a single issue during the loan procedure. The best part of yours I think is the same day fund disbursal as well as the whole paperless procedure. I got the funds transferred to my bank account on the same business day when I applied the loan. Great service!
    - Daniel, Belfast, Ireland