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Car Loans for the New and the Used Ones

Do you need a four-wheel vehicle as your family is about to grow? Have you decided which car model you will purchase? If yes, then go ahead. Wait! Are you finding it tough to match the on-road car price?

Indeed, this happens to almost everyone, especially when the car value estimate cost more than your income capacity. As your mind stops at a particular car model, you become desperate to buy it.

We are sitting here to guide and to offer you the bespoke car loan in Ireland. The interest rates and repayment terms are indeed within your reach because we follow such lending path where FLEXIBILITY meets with FEASIBILITY.

Some vital loan features are:

Get the best and the cheapest car loan in Ireland to fulfil your dream without any obstacle.

Should I Use Online Car Loan Calculator before Going Ahead?

No one should go for the loan without analysing everything, whether their financial circumstances or the lending norms. As the trustworthy direct lender in Ireland, we suggest you calculate everything before instead of finding something problematic later on.

The car loan calculator can give the rough idea of which loan term and the interest suit to your financial capacity. Our financial experts always believe that borrowers should use the calculator to avoid any hustle and bustle during the loan term.


The advantages of using the calculator are as below:

  • The Best Way for Comparative Analysis -

    You are going to buy your dream car, and you do not want any obstacle. By using the calculator, you can erase any confusion and go ahead with proper analysis of everything related to the loan deal. You can also compare different lenders to decide the right one for you.

  • You Can Opt for your Desired Deal -

    When you are planning to opt for the car finance, you do not want hefty interest rates and out-of-reach monthly instalments to pay. Instead, using the calculator gives you the idea which loan deal is more capable enough to cope up with your requirement.

    Apply here for the car loan because you get the most competitive interest rate and affordable repayment term.

How Much Interest Do I Need To Pay on Car Loan?

When we say competitive interest rate, thus we mean that it will be according to your monthly income and its capacity to bear the regular instalment. One thing is for sure here that you will get the best car loan rates in Ireland.

As long as you convey us for the timely repayments, we do not hesitate to offer you the loan on reasonable rates. As our eligible borrower, you should know that we follow a flexible policy while deciding the car loan rates. Moreover, it will be decided on the following factors:

How much amount do you want to borrow?

; and

What is the current car value if it is the used one?

; or

How much are you earning monthly?

We take every decision only after having a discussion on these factors with you. However, you need to familiarise us with only genuine personal details and requirements.

Will You Check My Credit Score?

Credit Check has been a crucial practice of a loan process. Indeed, it does have pros and cons for the borrowers’ point of view, but sometimes it becomes the deciding factor whether to approve loan application or not.

We do not believe in such policies, as we straightway follow the policy of car loans with no credit check. People with bad credit scores or very poor credit scores should also have equal opportunities to ride on their dream car. Therefore, we have opened up the lending doors for them.

The determining factors of the loan approval, which are mentioned above, will remain the same. However, if there is a possibility, you can arrange a guarantor to back you for the repayments especially when you have the bad credit score. Remember, the guarantor should have the good credit score, or if he/she is a homeowner, then it makes your application stronger.

Important Note: MyCreditsBucks does not make compulsory to provide the guarantor’s signature. We are also okay with the car loan with no guarantor required believing that your income capacity is acceptable.

How Can I Secure Instant Approval on Car Loan?

Do you need a car loan in a hurry? Is no other lender giving you the instant car loan in Ireland? Do not worry, as we here to help in a tricky scenario. We work only online and thus, more capable enough to provide you with immediate financial assistance.

Tricks Practical
Apply through Text Unlock your Smartphone and send us a text message. We will quickly get back to you.
Submit Application Early in the Day Don’t wait till 10 am. Instead, post your loan application at 7 am, as we can look up to your application early.

Do not look for the broker We are the direct lender, and you can catch us easily on the search engines.

What MyCreditsBucks Offers Unique in the Irish Marketplace?

Availing the car loan is not going to be easy as the lending institutions are too much specific about the particularities of the borrowers, such as their credit scores, presence of the guarantor or collateral. Sometimes these factors become the obstacles in the way of getting a loan.

MyCreditsBucks, on the other hand, removes these obstacles and converts these factors into opportunities to serve the financial purposes of the borrowers.

Our loan features (mentioned above) suggest that we are offering car loans based on what you deserve or what you earn. Therefore, with us, you have the maximum chance of loan approval. We have already maintained 98.5% loan approval rates, which is better than any other online lenders in Ireland.

We finance for both new and old cars where you can borrow up to 90% of the on-road price of the new one. For the used cars, you gain the opportunity to obtain 95% of the total car value. However, the used car should be older for up to 7 years.

MyCreditsBucks has made all the arrangements for you to avail car loan on your desired features. Go ahead to our ‘apply now’ page and submit your application now.

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