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Availing loans without giving preference to your credit history is quite possible if your score is bad or you lack a credit profile. No credit check loans have made it practical and borrowers now have the alternative when they could not find any other option to save their finances immediately. Fall into the category of short term loans, they have removed the chance of loan rejection since approval is decided on your income status.

What Actually Means ‘No Credit Check Loans’?

Many people just apply to the loans without going deep to their actual meaning. At Mycredit Bucks, we do not want you just be an eligible borrower but a smart borrower and thus make you familiar with the actual purpose of the loans.

In loans with no credit check process, lender will do a traditional credit perusal but not in the “hard” way. To go through borrowers’ trustworthiness, it does a “soft” analysis to just be familiar with your current financial status.

It further clarifies that lenders do not visit to credit reference agencies to find out your credit score, instead through soft credit check, there will be no search footprint on your credit profile. If your score is around 561-720, then your chances are brighter of getting the loan approval but on the high interest rates.

These loans are meant for shorter duration and do not require years to repay. In place of that, borrowers have the option of completing repayments within a few months. Well-timed repayments pave the way for credit score improvement.

Why You Need to Apply for No Credit Check Loans?

Loans are rarely applied for accomplishing the desires. Instead, people apply for them when they are in financial trouble. Same thing applies to short term no credit check loans. When other lending options look not in your favour, you can seek these alternatives and secure the needed amount.

When you have a SERIOUS NEED of funds, these loans can definitely work for you. They should not be used for buying something, but for emergency requirements, such as:

May I know the Benefits of No Credit Check Loans Please!

Yes, of course. You are one of our most eligible borrowers and Mycredit Bucks is not only the direct lender in Ireland, but also your real financial partner. You don’t have to wait for exploring our loan options. Just forward your loan application to us, we quickly approve it and subsequently, these benefits will come at your way:

I Have Bad Credit Score, What Special Can I Avail?

When you trap in one or two financial trouble, the internet is indeed your biggest rescue. Taking suggestions of near ones or approaching the brokers is the thing of old times. Nowadays, every solution available online and finding us will never be tricky for you. In a short span of time, we have covered not just Dublin but also other cities of Ireland. Come to us and we are ready to offer you these exemptions when you apply for loans without credit check option:

No Guarantor or Co-signer No Collateral Required Automatic Repayment Option

Agree on loan deal as a sole borrower. There is no need to approach anyone and apply for loans with no guarantor or co-signer because we don’t require them.

We understand that you want to keep your asset away from any risk. We allow you to do so, as these loans do not need collateral.

You do not have to bother about repayments. We have an option of automatic deduction and thus, no payment will be missed.

Which Loans Are Presented without Credit Score Check?

mycreditbucks wants to offer you funding solutions for all your financial problems. To accomplish that purpose, we have our maximum of loan options to have the facility of no credit score check. These are:

Missing out the benefits is only your loss especially when sudden expenses are already affecting your financial life. Mycredit Bucks is the right place for you to find out the accurate solution to your prevailing problems. We are the direct lender working all over Ireland through all-favoured online platform. Apply now...

Frequently Asked Questions

All your queries will have an answer from our financial experts.

Is no credit check different from soft credit check?

There is not much difference between no credit check loans and soft credit check loans. In the first one, the lender gives more chance to loan approval, as there is no credit assessment is done.

On the other hand, in a soft credit check, the lender does go through your credit history but do not consider your poor credit as the reason for loan rejection.

How MyCreditBucks transfers funds if I have no bank account?

In the primary requirement, the borrower should have a valid bank account in Ireland. In case a borrower does not have this facility, we can arrange a doorstep facility for our customers.

It may attract a slightly high-interest rate, but our agent will come to your home and offer the cash if everything is fine.

Does APR on No Credit Check Loans increase for people with no credit history?

It does increase as the borrower does not have any credit background, especially compared to those with a fair or good credit score. However, MyCreditBucks ensures that whatever be the final interest rate, it will remain reasonable and manageable to everyone.

Are loans with no credit check also available with no guarantor?

In specific circumstances, we can accept no credit loans with no guarantor. For example, if someone has moved from one city to another. Finding a person to take your guarantee would become difficult, and you do not have much in terms of credit history.

We are the flexible direct lender and can agree on these immunities to our borrowers.

What if I unable to repay the borrowed sum? Does MyCreditBucks Help Me?

It is indeed a complicated procedure, but we are always very supportive of our borrowers. We do allow you a buffer period of 18 extended days in which you can arrange the repayments. Or, if still, you cannot pay, it would be better to discuss with our loan representatives as early as possible. You will get some solution.

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