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Bad Credit Loans at Affordable Interest Rates

Have you ever had your application turned down because of your poor credit rating? When it comes to borrowing money, your credit score plays a paramount role to help a lender decide whether to sign off on.

However, there a few direct lenders in Ireland who invite applications from bad credit borrowers too. We feel proud to be one among them providing bad credit loans. You can apply despite a less-than-perfect credit score for these short-term loans. If your credit report is not stellar, do not worry as MyCredit Bucks offers these loans at bespoke offers that suit everyone.

Applying for a loan despite a poor credit rating is no longer difficult. As long as you can prove your REPAYING CAPACITY, you can get funds without hindrances.

Why Should I Approach Direct Lenders for Bad Credit Loans?

Where to get a loan in Ireland with bad credit? Many borrowers ask such question or explore the search engines to find out the answer. Getting poor credit loans from financial institutions other than direct lenders cannot be possible because they still follow traditional lending methods.

Mainstream lenders regard bad credit as a symbol of your inability to repay your debt and do not approve a loan application if your credit report is abysmal.

Direct lenders are a bit more lenient than mainstream lenders. Though bad credit shows negligence on your part, they still try to consider your application believing the fact that you may need money for emergency reasons.

We are one of the prominent lenders that try to disburse funds as immediately as possible. loans for Bad credit on instant approval are what we are committed for when it comes to funding your unforeseen expenses.

Here are the benefits of applying for these loans with us:

Interest Rates Easy for your Pocket Soft Credit Assessment Easy monthly instalments
We charge the most competitive interest rates in Ireland. You can compare us with other private lenders in Ireland, but in the end, you will find our rates most competitive in the market We make soft inquiries and hence search footprints will not show up on your credit file. Such process becomes easier to cope up with complexity occurred during the loan process. You can pay off the loan amount in either fixed or flexible monthly instalments. The repayments are easier for your monthly budget and contribute largely to the improvement of your credit score.

How Can I Ensure Instant Decision on My Loan Application?

If you have come up with an emergency, you would naturally like to apply for bad credit loans that come with the instant decision in Ireland. However, to get the processing of these loans faster, you will also have to bear the following points in mind:

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will have growing chances of qualifying for bad credit acceptance loans.

What Precautions Should I follow for Poor Credit Loans?

Just because poor credit loans are easily available, it does not mean you can use them to fund even planned expenses. loans for Bad credit in Ireland can be a bit expensive due to high-interest rates.

This is why it is recommended to apply for these loans when you need money for unforeseen expenses. If you fund your planned expenses like a wedding, you will likely fall into a debt trap. Try not to fund recurring expenses like utility bills with these loans. Otherwise, this vicious cycle of debt will continue. In brief:

  • Make sure that you are funding your emergency. Never borrow amount larger than your needs, as you have to repay the amount later.
  • If you are struggling to make ends meet, cut back on spending instead of using the savings. For emergencies, our financial help is here with quick funding for you.
  • Try to remain on the earning track while applying for the loans. It is not necessary that you must have full-time employment; we can accept part-time income too.

Does MyCreditBucks Provide Everything on Bad Credit Loans?

Undoubtedly, our loans for bad credit provide you with exclusive features. We assure you that these features will make these loans best suitable to your circumstances. Our personalised deals can help you tide over.

These do not just intend to help borrowers who have a full-time job. We also consider self-employed people and unemployed people.

If you are self-employed, you will have to show your profit and loss statement along with a bank statement as it will help us know your repaying capacity. However, your business must be at least one-year-old.

We understand that life can throw you a curveball at any time. The unemployed may also have monetary problems due to unforeseen expenses. Under such circumstances, you can apply for poor credit loans, but you will have to submit your income statement like unemployment benefits, income from a part-time job or freelancing, and the like.

So, when are you going to apply for bad credit loans? Now! Then Click Here.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your queries will have an answer from our financial experts.

What loans can I get with bad credit?

You can apply for several loans, despite having a bad credit score.

  • No credit check loans that do not perform a credit evaluation.
  • No guarantor loans that do not want you to look for someone to vouch for your creditworthiness.
  • Payday loans, that was as small as 3,000 Euros for just 30 days.
How do I get loans with bad credit?

You need to do two things to get loans with bad credit;

  • One is to search for a lender, who provides loans specifically for people with bad credit.
  • And secondly, you need to have a steady flow of monthly income that can prove your competency to repay the loan timely.
Can personal loans be procured with bad credit?

Yes, you can. Your poor credit history cannot stop you from availing a personal loan. These are loans that provide you with a lump sum that you can use for your individual needs. Loans for bad credit work on the same principle.

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