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The Stigma Of Bad Credit

The 21st century has witnessed the emergence of a taboo that people have willingly or unwillingly been following. This is the stigma of Bad Credit.

More than a third of the loan seekers have sinned jumping their repayments, which is the primary reason for a bad credit score.

Making late repayments is considered a sin because the lenders regard the late repayments as an inability to repay putting them and their money at high risk.

Hence, the stigma is prevalent and quite widely.

People with a poor credit score are often the ones with the most rejections on their loan application. Getting approval on personal loans with bad credit in Ireland can be considered as an implausible target.

If you do not know what a bad credit score is, here is a chart that will let you know.

Credit Score


961 – 999


881 – 960


721 – 880


561 – 720


560 and below

Very Poor

The borrowers who have a credit ranking of poor and very poor suffer every day with the stigma and its consequences.

Helping You Break The Stigma

My Credit Bucks is an online lender that can proudly take the honour of zero prejudice against the borrowers.

Our site is renowned for the privilege it gives to the borrowers with a weak credit history to aid them in removing the stigma of the same through loans for bad credit situation.

These loans provide with you the opportunity;

  • To improve your creditworthiness from very poor to excellent.
  • To leave behind the misfortune of enduring the County Court Judgment.
  • To consolidate your debt to make it easy for you to repay them, instead of worsening your situation.
  • To avoid the disappointment of rejected loans, since these loans are meant just for the unfortunate borrowers.

Ever since our website came into being, we have helped approximately 20,000 borrowers and made their lives better than they were before.

How Can You Get Bed Credit Accepted Loans?

The loan acquisition process is often too troublesome. However, our focus on consumer satisfaction has made us change this fact and make the process consumer-friendly and as easy as possible.


Our team of experts has developed an easy Three-Step Procedure to procure your money, despite your bad credit score.


Online Application

The first step in the process of getting loans for bad credit is to apply for the loan.

o   The application is made online through our website by simply filling a form.

o   The information in the form will allow us to know you a little better and judge your financial competence.


Quick Assessment

The second step is to evaluate the information that the application has given us.

o   We primarily focus on your income source and its regularity.

o   We do this to safeguard our interest and our money.

o   We do not perform any credit evaluation that would dissect your financial history.

o   My Credit Bucks only focuses on the present and lets the past remain where it is.


Easy Disbursals

The last step is the one, which both of us look forward to that is our money coming to your aid.

o   Our website has the fasted disbursals in the industry.  

o   You do not have to wait an eternity to get the money, which you need at the moment. The maximum time taken for disbursals is 24 hours.

o   If you apply for our bad credit loans with instant decision in Ireland, the money would be wired into your account minutes after the approval is sanctioned.

MyCreditBucks has eliminated the hassle of getting loans and the presentation of the never-ending obligations, making the process as smooth as silk.

How Much Can You Avail Through Loans for Bad Credit In Ireland?

Our bad credit loans are immensely diverse and flexible for the borrowers, and this is what we wanted.

These loans cater to any need you may have.

  • As a borrower, you can borrow an amount as low as €1,000 for your everyday financial concerns.
  • You can also borrow an amount as high as €50,000 for financial needs that are expensive.

As for the duration, the loans can either be short-term or medium-term loans.

  • You can borrow a €1,500 loan for bad credit that can be for a time frame of 2 months.
  • You can also avail a €40,000 personal loan with bad credit in Ireland for 36 months.

Whatever you need and whatever you feel comfortable, we will make that happen without any questions.

The Bottom Line

MyCreditBucks’ team comprehends the fact that our clients, who are the borrowers need to be our topmost priority.

That is why we strive to provide top-notch services to you, because it is you who have made us as successful as we are today.

We thought of framing a loan that would serve the needs of the borrowers, who are neglected by the lenders. Our bad credit loans are the most sought after financial instrument for the same reason.


You can apply for several loans, despite having a bad credit score.

  • No credit check loans that do not perform a credit evaluation.
  • No guarantor loans that do not want you to look for someone to vouch for your creditworthiness.
  • Payday loans, that was as small as 3,000 Euros for just 30 days.

You need to do two things to get loans with bad credit;

  • One is to search for a lender, who provides loans specifically for people with bad credit.
  • And secondly, you need to have a steady flow of monthly income that can prove your competency to repay the loan timely.

Yes, you can. Your poor credit history cannot stop you from availing a personal loan. These are loans that provide you with a lump sum that you can use for your individual needs. Loans for bad credit work on the same principle.