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What Should You Know About Bad Credit Loans?

Credit history maintains a huge significance in getting the loan approval during the tight financial situation. Lenders want to know the credit past of the borrowers to be familiar with their financial creditworthiness, but in case, it is not the perfect then, rejection becomes the destination for those persons. Bad Credit Loans come as the financial rescue for them because their past credit record will not be taken into consideration by the lending institution. Instead, the approval comes on the basis of borrowers’ income status.

Some lenders provide these loans as the specific lending product but others put other funding products like short term loans or quick loans for the people with bad credit scores. At mycreditbucks, we provide loans in both the formats confirming that borrowers have plenty to choose from to settle their financial issues.

    The loans for poor credit people are ideal to apply during a financial emergency or other needs like:

  • To consolidation multiple debts
  • To meet personal ends
  • To enhance overall credit profile
  • To come out from the judgement of County Court
Bad credit loans in Ireland

Who Can Apply For The Loans?

    We all know that credit reference agencies have categorised the borrowers’ credit ratings into five different sections. These are:

  • Excellent: 961 - 999
  • Good: 881 - 960
  • Fair: 721 - 880
  • Poor: 561 - 720
  • Very Poor: 0 - 560
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As cleared here, the ratings between 561 and 720 are of those individuals, who have poor credit scores. mycreditbucks, as a responsible online private lender in Ireland, has prepared THREE CATEGORIES to offer bad credit personal loans for the Irish citizens. See here:

Poor or Bad Credit People People with No Credit History People with Very Short Credit History
These borrowers are in huge numbers and these are who have missed payments of credit cards, other previous loans, mortgages or having the issue of CCJ (County Court Judgement). These individuals have no credit histories because they have not taken a loan as yet but want to borrow funds for the first time in their life. Mostly youngsters fall into this category or those who are students. Acceptance on loans is also given to those, who have a little credit score or not much have in terms of having a major score. Unlike other lenders, we give them an equal chance to borrow funds.

No Credit Search Footprints with mycreditbucks

Many questions in your mind are obvious when you fall into the financial trouble. Will applying for the loans affect my credit rating? Can I eligible to borrow despite having poor credit score? Can I get loan approval with having the support of income or not? And, many more.

With the policy of ‘no credit check’, we give you access of all relevant funding sources especially these loans for poor credit people. Here are the benefits that you get with this policy:

  • We do not go through your credit history rather provide loans on the basis of your repayment capacity. Show us that you can repay and then guaranteed approval is always there for you.
  • We vouch for not revealing your credit score to any third party and the credit reference agencies, which make you happy to know that no further blot to your credit report and improving the scores is always a possibility.
  • The fear of rejections is always there due to poor credit score and that definitely put negative impact on your credit rating. In contrast other lending companies, we have high success ratio in approving the loan applications including those with less-than-perfect credit score.

What Factors Should I Consider Before Applying?

We work not only as one of the direct lenders in Ireland, but also as the financial companion for the locals here. There is nothing to hide and everything will be explained while finalising the loan agreement. However, for the borrowers’ point of view, they need to analyse these things and discuss with us:

  • Funding Amount to Borrow
  • Monthly repayments
  • The duration of the loan
  • The interest rates
  • Instant Decision
  • Total loan amount (including interest rates & any included fees)

All the final decisions on these matters will be taken after discussing with borrowers first.

How mycreditbucks Manages with My limits of Bad Credit?

You have come to us with lots of financial aspirations and it becomes our responsibility to offer you the best we can. As the reliable online lender, we understand how much restrictions you have with bad credit score, but we are here to offer you a peace of mind.

Restrictions with bad credit score

  • High interest rates
  • Only small amount to avail
  • Guarantor or co-signer may be compulsory
  • Further fear of very bad credit score

Our Loan Benefits

  • Competitive APRs
  • Modifiable repayment options
  • Apply with no guarantor and no collateral
  • Chance of making enhancement to credit ratings

Individuals with better credit ratings have always upper hand in getting the loans but now bad credit people can also explore the funding opportunities. At mycreditbucks, we have made it possible for them and they have the best chance of bringing necessary amendments to their creditworthiness. No wait, just apply now!


It is true that the credit score is seen as one of the major financial aspects of the loan. But, this doesn’t imply that if you have a bad credit rating, the door to get a loan is entirely shut for you. There are many direct lenders in the market who offer loans for bad credit that can be used for numerous purposes such as:

  • To consolidating your previous debts
  • To meet certain financial needs
  • To boost your credit score
  • To clear the CCJ case

If you re need of a personal loan and have poor credit, then you must contact a direct lender in the market like Every Hour Loans. Here you can get the loan even though your credit rating is poor but the lender might check other financial aspects like your income status, employment history, credit utilisation ration and many others for the approval. Chances will also be there that you will be asked to provide a guarantor or collateral to secure the loan.

Yes, you can a loan on emergency even with poor credit provided that you are knocking the doors of the right lender. Not all lenders in the market will be ready to give you the loan because of your bad credit rating so you have to find the lender who can provide you under such circumstances. Now, lenders like Every Hour loans provide urgent funding products such as quick loans and doorstep loans where you can expect the requested amount within the same day of the approval.

You can borrow money with bad credit score, but certain conditions are there that you need to follow. The first one is that the bad credit situation should not be consistent. After that, your repayment capacity should be good enough to prove your creditworthiness against the loan amount. The income is your actual tool to verify the creditworthiness. Income-outgoing ratio is also significant. By showing good financial efficiency, you can get funds irrespective of your credit score status?

As the concern is about the bad credit situation, it is not possible to rely much on mainstream lending. It has different rules. The precise solution can be obtained through direct lenders. However, making the right choice can be difficult as they are in abundance. To ease your struggle in online search, Every Hour Loans provides best deals on bad credit loan. The features like instant approval decision, same-day fund disbursement, and lower interest rate make the deal borrower-friendly and affordable.