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Loans for Unemployed - No Probability, Always A Possibility

The consequences of unemployment are beyond just the money problem. If you lack a full-time job, your whole financial reputation comes at stake, and in the end, you will leave with nothing else but lots of stress and disappointment. Loans for unemployed people come as the big hope for them where the lender provides much-needed funding access within a short period.

Instead of taking emotional support of your near ones, relying upon the funding support of dependable direct lenders in Ireland like unsecuredloansland would be a wise decision. Why not mainstream lenders? It is because they are inflexible to their lending approach, and you have to go through a cumbersome procedure to apply for the loans.

Even though you are not eligible for long term funding, but we at least make it easier for you to avail short term funding with no hassle at all. We always believe that losing the full-time income is not the sole criterion to be called unemployed instead of retirement, and maternity leave is also the considered factors.

Why Unemployed People Require Loans?

    Reasons are sure multiple to apply for the loans, especially when you are living as a jobless person. Loans here are mainly designed to protect you from the consequences of financial surprises because whenever an emergency occurs, an individual requires a cash injection. Once you receive quick funds from us, you can use that amount for these purposes:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Utility Bills
  • New Car Registration
  • Education expenses
  • Childcare expenses
  • Home renovation
  • Holiday Purposes
  • Buying new appliances
  • Flight booking
  • Car repair
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There can be many more purposes that can be fulfilled through our short term unemployed loans.

No income, No Worries! Apply for Unemployed Loans with Benefits

You want to get rid of your financial woes, and that is why you need to apply for the loans. However, repayments are a vital part of the loan process, and since you are jobless, how will you make the repayments?

Under our affordability assessment, we are ready to accept multiple options as the income sources apart from your regular income. You need to provide their proofs, and we will assign you the desired loan. These are:

  • Salary slips from the employer
  • Revenue generated through self-employment
  • Money comes from benefits or pensions you get
  • Your partner’s regular income, if he/she has

    Many lenders don’t accept the loan application of the people living on benefits. But here they don’t have any such issue, and they can get loans even if they are receiving the following unemployment benefits:

  • Employment allowance
  • State pension
  • Widow’s pension
  • Child tax credit
  • Guardian’s allowance
  • Jobseeker’s allowance
  • Bereavement allowance
  • Housing benefit
  • Disability living allowance
  • Maternity allowance
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How to Submit Application for Unemployed Loans?

Admittedly, using loans for any purpose and getting approval despite living on benefits, making you interested in applying for unemployed loans here. You need to follow these three simple steps to complete the loan process:

Step One Step Two Step Three
Visit our website, use the loan calculator, and click on the ‘approval now’ button. Fill out an online form with personal details and submit it as soon as possible. Once received, we go through your details and take the instant decision on the loan approval.

What other Lending Products Allowed for Unemployed?

As said earlier, we have included our other lending products for the jobless people too. For instance:

Bad Credit Loans: It is seen that people with unemployment often struggle with their credit scores also. To assist them in this challenging phase, we are prepared to offer them an unemployed loan with a bad credit situation.

Quick Loans: The unemployment causes the fast need of funds, and thus for that, our quick loans for jobless individuals can work best for them in getting the desired amount on an immediate basis.

Doorstep loans: These home credit loans are indeed the most advantageous for the unwaged people, as they can get done the loan process by sitting at their home, which includes repayment as well.

What Happens When I Apply with Bad Credit?

Getting a new employee may take some time, and between this period, you have one more struggle of bad credit score. It is like a blot to your financial profile of having unemployed with bad credit rating. However, it does not mean that you cannot be allowed to avail the loans. You are still our eligible borrower because we approve your loan applications through the process of no credit check.

Your past credit scores will not be persuaded; instead, loan approval is given based on your recent financial performance. If you have shown decent performance in making repayments in recent times, we have no issue in accepting your loan requests.

Meanwhile, people with excellent and fair credit scores are our pre-qualified borrowers. We have more attractive lending offers for them.

How unsecuredloansland Different From Others?

Despite living the days of unemployment, you can expect from us a continuous flow of funds to your registered bank account. unsecuredloansland is no doubt a reliable lending place, and these attributes certainly made us different from others:

  • More than a fair chance of getting loan approval
  • Not just one or two but multiple lending products for unemployed individuals
  • Loans with easy-to-repay options
  • No co-signer required for existing borrowers
  • No guarantor is mandatory for new borrowers

Want to be updated with what unsecuredloansland brings for you? If yes, then go ahead and start registering with us now.


Yes, you can apply for loans during unemployment. However, you must have an income source to prove your repayment capacity. It can be anything other than a full-time job, for instance, a rental income, unemployment benefits, etc.

These loans allow you to repay in instalments, and hence they are affordable. The payment can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on the size of the loan.

You can treat loans for unemployed as loans for people on benefits if you are on unemployment benefits. People on benefits also cover unemployed people. However, it is a broader term. It includes:

  • Low-income benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Child benefits
  • Heating and housing benefits
  • Bereavement payment benefits

Loans for people on benefits also work as loans for unemployed. You will get money based on your profits.

No doubt getting a loan for unemployment is stressful. If you apply for loans for unemployed with a direct lender, there are chances of getting money at lenient terms and conditions. An online lender will allow you to choose the repayment date based on your cash inflows so that you do not fall behind repayments.

As a responsible direct lender in Ireland, we do not suggest you do that. It would be a huge risk.

Your repayment capacity is the most crucial thing to get loan approval. We are accepting your part-time income as the repayment source. Thus, the borrowed amount should be as such that you can manage from that earning source.

We have opened our lending doors for every individual with any credit score. It is good that you have a fair credit rating, so the primary advantage that you have is a lower interest rate. As compare to the borrowers with bad credit, you get more reasonable rates to borrow funds.