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Are Loans for Unemployed ‘Good’ Option for ‘Better’ Opportunity?

Financial constraints are of different shapes, and unemployment is indeed one of them. Surviving with part-time income or no income cannot be practical for the long time. There is one thing that you can gain with such limited earning, and it is none other than loans for unemployed in Ireland.

Yes, we are approving your loan application based on your part-time income. As long as you convince us for the timely repayment, we do not have any problem in assigning the personalised deal for you.

Moreover, that deal will have several financial benefits to your favour. Some of these are:

Many more features of our loans in Ireland for unemployed people explained below.

Can I Get Instant Approval On My Loan Application?

As we belong to the new-age lending, we deal only online to process any loan to our respected borrowers. In a short period, we are already known among the leading providers of fast loans for unemployed in Ireland. Indeed, there are several reasons behind this which we are sharing here with you:

100% Online Procedure No Credit Assessment No Broker is Required
The time has gone when you had to stand in the queue to apply for the loan. Now is the time of going online, submitting the application within a few minutes and getting the approval on the same day. Do you have a bad credit score? Nothing to worry about because we follow no credit score check policy and allow a smooth approval to you. We welcome loan application of any credit profile. You do not need to go through the broker’s way to reach us. We are available online, and you can approach us with simple online research mentioning fast unemployed loans in Ireland.

Do You Follow Bank Transfer Only or Can I Get Cash in Hand Too?

We do not believe in giving the loan with just a one-way process. Instead, we want loan applications from every sort of borrower, and that is why we have ensured multiple options to apply for the loan and to get the loan, for our prospective borrowers.

The fund disbursal here is done very professionally, where most of the times we do online bank transfer. Indeed, it is the safest and fastest option to collect the funds during the financial emergency occurred due to unemployment.

Many people are there who do not have the bank account. We do not want to indulge in the reasons for not having the bank account; instead, our focus is on helping them with disbursing the borrowed amount.

Therefore, our loan products also have the inclusion of cash loans for unemployed in Ireland. Yes, these loans are available on the doorstep of the borrowers, and our agent will process everything to ensure complete comfort for you. We have a team of experienced financial experts of doorstep cash loans in Ireland.

Important Advice: We have specialised our door-to-door cash loans for specific borrowers like unemployed people, physically disabled people, single mothers and students.

I am Unemployed; Can I Get Finance for My Car Here?

Unemployment may put breaks on your financial PROGRESS, but it cannot halt your financial PROSPERITY. If you have already planned to purchase a car, but now you have lost the job, you still can go with your plans. It is because we are prepared to offer car finance for unemployed people in Ireland.

Unlike other direct lenders in Ireland, we have kept this facility as the significant part of our lending service. Furthermore, we offer car finance for both the used cars and new cars.

You only need to apply online on our website, and we quickly get back to you with at least three different quotes with varied loan deals. You can choose any of them according to your repayment capacity and the value of the vehicle.

Other car finance features are:

Why MyCreditsBucks Ranks Higher than Other UK Direct Lenders?

When the borrowers choose a lender irrespective of traditional or an online one, there must be some advantages they get from the loan provider. With us, you will be pleased to know that EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE here.

The loans in Ireland for Unemployed people are the prime example of what we can offer and what we can deliver for the financial stability of our prospective borrowers. Nothing can stop you from availing our bespoke loan deals, as we have simple qualifying criteria. Our borrowers should have:

MyCreditsBucks is undoubtedly giving you what you expected from us. Don’t delay your application, submit it today for the unemployed loans and get the approval just after a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your queries will have an answer from our financial experts.

Can I apply for loans in the situation of Unemployment?

Yes, you can apply for loans during unemployment. However, you must have an income source to prove your repayment capacity. It can be anything other than a full-time job, for instance, a rental income, unemployment benefits, etc.

These loans allow you to repay in instalments, and hence they are affordable. The payment can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on the size of the loan.

Is there any difference between loans for unemployed and loans for people on benefits?

You can treat loans for unemployed as loans for people on benefits if you are on unemployment benefits. People on benefits also cover unemployed people. However, it is a broader term. It includes:

  • Low-income benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Child benefits
  • Heating and housing benefits
  • Bereavement payment benefits

Loans for people on benefits also work as loans for unemployed. You will get money based on your profits.

Our terms and conditions changed for loans for Unemployed?

No doubt getting a loan for unemployment is stressful. If you apply for loans for unemployed with a direct lender, there are chances of getting money at lenient terms and conditions. An online lender will allow you to choose the repayment date based on your cash inflows so that you do not fall behind repayments.

Can I borrow more than my part-time income?

As a responsible direct lender in Ireland, we do not suggest you do that. It would be a huge risk.

Your repayment capacity is the most crucial thing to get loan approval. We are accepting your part-time income as the repayment source. Thus, the borrowed amount should be as such that you can manage from that earning source.

What Unemployed Loan Benefits MyCreditBucks Offer if I have fair credit?

We have opened our lending doors for every individual with any credit score. It is good that you have a fair credit rating, so the primary advantage that you have is a lower interest rate. As compare to the borrowers with bad credit, you get more reasonable rates to borrow funds.

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