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Get personal loans among the best affordable deals

Do you want to stable your finances or require external funding help to fulfil a financial goal? A personal loan is always a good idea. Every individual has different needs, but this loan product is as such that fits all requirements and budgets. Still, the need for the best deal has been realised.

These are the queries on which you should think before applying for any personal loans in Ireland. Mycreditbucks is here to guide and fund you the loan, which is indeed affordable to your finances.

With our simple and clear-cut process, you can borrow the amount between €1000 and €70000. Repaying the loan is also uncomplicated as you can pay it back at your convenience to get better your credit score.

Meet your personal needs now by applying for loans here. If you want to know more about our loan offers, continue to read below.

What is a personal loan?

An individual applies for this financial product to borrow a particular amount in principal and repay it along with interest rates till the loan term ends. The monthly instalments will include both the split principal amount and the interest rates.

At Mycreditbucks, you will gain the chance to apply for two types of personal loans, i.e. secured and unsecured.

Secured Loan

This requires a personal asset to secure the borrowing amount. The asset can be your vehicle, helping you to get the loan money on a guaranteed basis and get the benefit of lower interest rates. Still, the risk of losing assets is there if you default

Unsecured Loan

This loan does not include the need for collateral. The approval is largely based on your monthly income and, therefore, creates the chances of getting personal loans for bad credit. However, the interest rate will be higher.

We determine various factors like your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and monthly income to decide the loan amount, interest rate and loan term. Unlike credit cards, a personal loan carries lower rates, making it the most affordable funding source.

You gain the chance to apply for a loan online. Our process is easy and faster than any other private lenders in Ireland. We are flexible in our approach and finalise everything according to individual credit profiles and overall financial circumstances. You do not need a lot of hard work and effort here. Just apply and get an instant reply from our loan experts.

The most significant thing is that a personal loan here does not include any extra monthly and early repayment fees.

What are the advantages that you get on personal loans?

Personal money loans are the most widely used financial tools in Ireland. Undoubtedly, the primary reason is the features that these loans bring for the aspirants. If you are unaware of them, our loan experts have explained here perfectly.

How does a personal loan procedure work for you? ?

Personal or private loans in Ireland are easy to apply with no complicated steps involved. In fact, you can apply at Mycreditbucks right now. Press on to the ‘Apply Now’ button and start the online application form. Isn’t it simple? Still, you may have some queries to answer. Our loan experts have detected them and answered them here.

How much is the cost of a personal loan?

You want the best personal finance for you, but not on the expensive side. Later, you have to repay it and you do not want it to disturb your household budget. Therefore, you should be aware of the actual cost of the loan deal. We are very transparent on this and share everything in the initial loan quote.


Calculation on the interest rate: We do not restrict you from comparing our loan deals with any other lending agency. You should use the most effective personal loan calculator in Ireland to judge which loan offer matches your capacity and circumstances.

Any extra payment: Unlike other personal loan agencies in Ireland, we follow a direct approach where we are committed to asking you only to pay the interest rates with no extra payments to make.

Avoid late fees: Sometimes, late payment charges may be applicable. However, we still give an extra time of 10 days if you have missed the actual date. Fees will be applicable if you cross the extra time given.

Early repayment charges: You may find them in other lending platforms but not at Mycreditbucks. We are 100% dedicated to transparency and encourage you to repay the loan early to have a good mark on your credit profile.

Your primary goal should be to obtain the best interest rates in Ireland. You will get it here without any major effort needed.

Why Mycreditbucks should be your lending hub?

You may find many other places to avail of personal loans. Do you get the best lending terms there? You may be, but still, those terms will not be as versatile as we offer to you. Yes, we can claim to be the most trustworthy lender to guarantee the best loan rates in Ireland.

You will have many other things to your favour, such as:

Prompt response

As we are online, you can feel relaxed with having everything quickly in your favour.

Positive outcomes

We have maintained 98.5% loan approval rate. You can be sure on having a loan from us.

Proper Guidance

Our loan experts are sitting here only for you. Just call them up and get their instant response.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your queries will have an answer from our financial experts.

What are the possible alternatives to a personal loan?

Despite the fact that these loans can work for any financial purpose, there are some alternatives available to work for individual circumstances. Some of these may include:

The procedure will be online for every loan and instant decision will also be there.

Is there any chance of a personal loan with no credit check?

If you are a first-time borrower and do not hold a credit history, you may be eligible for our no-credit check loan facility. Otherwise, it is a mandatory process. We do it in a soft way, making things easier for you. We also ensure you that there will be no search footprint to your credit profile. Such facilities become vital for those with poor credit histories.

How to avail of personal loans at low interest rates?

Our loan experts have suggested some of the ways to seek low-interest rates. For instance:

  • You should be carrying a good credit score by making all the payments on time;
  • There should be no debt while applying for the loans;
  • Your monthly income should be stable and affordable to make the repayments;
  • You can apply for secured loans or with a guarantor to ensure timely repayments.
Can you offer personal loans near me?

Mycreditbucks works online, and therefore, we have a presence all over Ireland. Whether you are sitting at Galway, Limerick or Waterford, you can apply for loans online. There is no paperwork needed, and you do not have to make a physical visit to our location. The best part is that you can repay the monthly instalments by sitting at your living place, as we offer an automatic deduction option.

I have bad credit. Will I get urgent loans in 1 hour?

A poor credit score is always an obstacle in the way of your loan approval. Still, it has become a way to get a loan approval from us. We make instant decisions on any loan application, irrespective of credit scores. Your bad credit score does not make a huge significance here since we offer income-based loans. As long as you can afford the repayments, we are ready to approve a personal cash loan in 1 hour in Ireland.

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