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6 Ways To Save For Payday Loan Repayments As An Unemployed
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  • January 27, 2023

6 Ways To Save For Payday Loan Repayments As An Unemployed

Given the current economic phase in Ireland, most individuals are losing their jobs and lacking financial stability and resort to short-term cash assistance programs like payday loans. Keeping the luxury wishes undercover and scourging to meet minimal survival needs is an indispensable solution to the constant financial issues.

One does not willingly move towards seeking additional cash assistance. Unavoidable liabilities and emergency life routes make one resort to the easiest and quickest door to fetch cash. They switch to payday loans in the Ireland marketplace.

Why do the unemployed resort to payday loans in cashless situations?

Salary day loans provide enough flexibility to out-of-job individuals to attend critical financial situations without credit score bumps. Here are some more reasons why payday loans are popular among individuals:

1) Convenient to qualify

Unlike other personal loans, like car loans requiring a day or two for confirmation and documentation, one can avail of these within 15 minutes. It is specifically an emergency loan available to people to meet urgent needs for specific purposes. It could be an excellent option if you are after a quick financial fix.

2) It does not call for an asset

Maximum personal loans like a car, home, renovation, etc., call for collateral to qualify for the loan. However, payday loans welcome everybody to have a consistent income. Individuals revealing the same may be eligible for the loan in no time.

3) No credit score drop during the application

Payday loans for bad credit or jobless individuals eliminate any initial fear of encountering a credit drop after application. The lenders conduct only a soft credit check that leaves your profile clear without any credit footprint.

It is ideal for low-income and bad-credit individuals seeking easy and quick cash without compromising their credit score further. However, to keep the credit score intact or improve it, one must make responsible repayments towards the loan.

4) It provides a 2-day cooling period

It implies that you can cancel the payday loan application within 2 days of application. You would not have to pay any interest or penalty for cancelling the loan.  We will refund you all the loan fees you pay.

How to save for payday loan repayments as a jobless individual?

After qualifying for loans and continuing payments for some time, the individuals switch to rollovers. It implies shifting the loan repayment until the next payday or salary day. Meanwhile, the interest continues to accrue on loans leading to high debt arrears.

Given the unemployment situation and no repayment planning, one enters into payday defaults. It impacts the credit score and makes one move into the constant cobweb of debts. The debt keeps spiralling until one pays it in full. If left unmanageable, it may lead to serious financial issues.

Thus, you must ensure a reliable deal on payday loans in Ireland. Before applying, get on the affordability curve.

We can help you qualify loan if you meet the criteria and suggest ways to manage repayments to avoid default. Meanwhile, you can try the methods below to save towards repayments from the moment you apply for the loan:

1. Identify the total repayment

Okay, so you qualified for the most anticipated cash and completed the task. Congratulations! Now, it is high time to sit and analyze your loan and repayments. Identify the pattern you chose to repay, whether you decided to pay weekly, monthly, or fortnightly. Whatever you choose, analyze the total sum you must have until the payment due date.

2. Tap savings you have from other sources

You may have little or no savings as you apply for payday loans in unemployment. Do not tap emergency or retirement funds to pay for short-term loans like payday. It is your future financial reserve.

Please do not touch it until utmost necessary. Tap income from other resources – dividends, self-employment, spouse income, rent (if you are a landlord), etc., to pay the loan. Decide how much repayments you can cover with the available amount.

3. Seek income sources to earn money at home

Yes, you can seek part-time job opportunities while managing repayments. It would help you cover essential survival costs and work towards bridging the gap between the loan payment and accumulating more towards the savings curve.

If you cannot move out, you can seek work-from-home job opportunities. There are plenty of it. It could be anything like- freelance content writing, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, survey filling, gaming, etc. Choose what fits best your time and expertise.

4. Consider refinancing some loans off the credit report

You may leverage the benefit if you encounter any excellent deal to refinance the existing loans. It may help release excessive interest pressure and reduce repayment on loans. In this way, you can reduce the payday loan payment.

However, qualifying for refinancing without a stable income and credit score can be exhausting, but you must try it. Some lenders agree to do so on some conditions. After that, you will have minimal liabilities and pay a lower amount towards repayments.

5. Ask family and friends for help

However, it is not the silver bullet, but it can help you have a repayment date near. If you share good bonding, you may quickly get the amount to pay for repayment.

Make sure to pay the amount back to whomsoever you take it from. Or better, you could convince loved ones until you get the next payment from the side gig. In this way, you can avoid interest that you would have to accrue in case of missed repayments.

6. Limit expenses as much as you can

Yes, you may be living below the means during jobless days. Reflecting on your expenses is a good financial habit. It is helpful not only in days of extreme cash shortage but also when you are blessed. Check if there is something that you are spending on unnecessary.

Can you stop that activity until you cover up repayments? It could be anything from limiting the frequency of moving to the supermarket for groceries, using cheaper transport, or useless subscription. It would help you save more and use it for repayments.

Undoubtedly, these loans for bad credit and the unemployed are substantially in need. However, one must prepare to avoid the resounding debt.

Bottom line

Payday loans are the best buddy for unemployed people needing urgent cash. However, one must plan the loan repayment to prevent default. You can leverage these ways to save towards payday loan repayments. Whether you are unemployed or in mid of seeking a job, these tips will help you pay the loan fast.

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