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Does Getting Lower Rates Mean It Is The Best Offer With Loans?
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  • April 18, 2024

Does Getting Lower Rates Mean It Is The Best Offer With Loans?

Low-interest rates are indeed alluring as the borrowing can be the most convenient. This specifies something lower than the usual rate of interest. Now, whether getting them is beneficial or not depends on a few aspects.

Apparently, it seems like saving a lot of money while taking out loans. However, getting it might require you to go ahead with significant comprises. Besides, getting low rates might not be as rewarding as getting the best rates.

It also depends on the type of loan provider you have selected. In the traditional lending concept, obtaining lower rates means proving the 100% suitability of your financial profile. Firstly, good credit scores are mandatory to get the best personal rates in Ireland.

In a particular scenario,

You are looking forward to getting € 5000 loans for the tenure of two years. Here, you can see the amount you have to meet for total interest and monthly payments for different types of loan rates.


Rate of interestTotal interestMonthly payments
3%€ 156€ 215
4%€ 211€ 217
5%€ 265€ 219
7%€ 373€ 224


Go through and compare to identify the working of the best rates.

Not always, a loan can be the best option even from the lowest rates perspective. Maybe, a 0% credit card may cost you less than what you have to pay for loans. Find out more about the factors that can shape a perfect rate of interest with loans.

What does define a low-interest loan?

Why is low interest seen as a prime factor? This is because interest can amplify or lower the total cost of borrowing. This has already been established above with the help of the given table.

There are different parameters that help the lender decide whether to offer you low rates.

Borrowing amount – With the amount getting bigger, the lending risk also amplifies. Therefore, when you apply for a small amount, you are most likely to get better rates. Then, the lender has to deal with less risk.

Your earning ability – The loan provider will be keen to discover your income ability. It directly concerns your ability to repay. If you earn well, you can pay back without any exertion.

Financial history – This factor garners more attention than credit history. This is because, with the latter, the loan provider can look at the past payment status. In contrast, present history can assure the lender about the likelihood of saving extra money from the ongoing budget.

Does credit history play any role in obtaining better rates?

Of course, credit scores are vital, but they are not the only decisive factor. As mentioned above, mainstream lenders would need perfect scores from your end. On the flip side, poor credit scores do not mean a dead end for you.

Direct lending procedure supports the borrowing request of people struggling with poor credit scores. You can consider applying for a bad credit loan. Here, your affordability will have weightage than your credit history.

Therefore, you can expect a positive response from the loan provider if your present financial condition is favourable. No matter what has happened in the past, you have revived completely.

Either you have started earning more or have downsized the pile of debts. Your credit history is showing some improvement. Above all, you must be able to afford loan payments, as this is the biggest concern of the lender.

How do you weigh loan options for better rates?

Do not think of getting the best offer right away. You must take advantage of the pre-approval facility. This is accessible with most direct lenders.

It allows you to pre-qualify and fetch a loan proposal. What would you do with that? It lets you peek into a potential loan offer that emphasises the following aspects.

1.  Loan term

With secured personal loans, you can get a longer duration. Therefore, the interest rates portion out, and you have to repay them in small amounts. Online lenders let you pay back conveniently, even with short-term loan options.

However, the meaning of lengthy duration is additional interest. If you look closely, you can see you have to keep paying interest for several months. In contrast, a smaller tenure lets you pay interest for comparatively fewer months.

2.  Type of interest rates

The amount of interest you should meet also depends on the type of rates you choose. As fixed rates remain the same, you do not have to worry about fluctuations in the market. When you apply for a loan in Ireland, check the type of interest rates you have agreed.

The market influences variable rates. If the market goes down, you have to pay less and vice versa. At times, it may happen that you have paid less by opting for these rates.

This is because of the ebbs and flows occurring in the market.

The bottom line

One of the tried and tested ways to ensure lower rates is comparing. Collect loan quotations from different lenders and weigh each option. Find the difference to reach the most compatible loan offer ultimately.

After all, loans that promise affordable rates should be more meaningful.


  • What is the meaning of APR?

The annual Percentage Rate determines the overall cost of borrowing for a complete year. Its calculation involves the loan amount you will quote. Depending on the type of lender you choose, this rate may or may not include arrangement fees.

  • When should you consider fixed rates?

They are actually the rates that do not change with time. Regardless of what is going on in the lending market, borrowing costs will not be impacted. Considering such rates makes sense when you get the best and the lowest. You will be paying the least interest throughout the term.

  • Is it possible to negotiate for lower rates on personal loans?

Make sure that you are in a position to demand lower rates. With excellent credit scores, you can get an upper hand for sure. However, in other cases, you might have to agree to produce collateral or a guarantor to get your hands on lower rates with a personal financing option.

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