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How To Invest €50000 To Get The Best Returns On Investment?
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  • March 22, 2024

How To Invest €50000 To Get The Best Returns On Investment?

So, have you got €50000 as savings from the hard-earned money? Perhaps you won some out of inheritance or lottery, or it's just your effort towards saving some. However, investing it right reveals wise financial management.

 Several ways to invest money confuse one. Individuals struggle to understand the comfortable mode according to finances and lifestyle.

If you can relate to this, the blog may help you. It lists some potential ways to invest €50000 for the maximum returns.

7 Ways to Invest 50000 profitably and safeguard your future

The sooner you learn how to invest 50K and start investing, the sooner you benefit from investments. Later, you can expand your investments according to the risk-tolerance. Risk tolerance implies investing for higher returns. However, the market gets unpredictable.  It may impact your investments for some time.

Before investing this much amount, understand your debts and other liabilities. Identify whether you have credit card debt, payday debts, car finance debt, subscriptions and other bills. Investing 50000 directly without considering such aspects may impact lifestyle later.

Let’s know the best strategies to invest €50000 profitably:

1)      Invest in property

According to recent statistics, “House prices in Ireland may rise in 2024 by 3%.” Moreover, as the IMF believes, Ireland will witness 12.2% inflation in 5 years.  Inflation automatically increases the prices of property. Thus, investing in the property market may be profitable. You can invest some part of the money in REITS.  By investing in a property portion as equity, you may benefit from the price rise.

2)      Check out bonds

You can invest in government and corporate bonds in Ireland.

a)      Government bonds

These bonds provide interest for investment up to a set period.  It is relatively safe to invest compared to other private bonds. If investing for the first time, it could be an option. However, only a regulated stock broker can purchase or sell an Irish Bond. Prospective bondholders instruct the stockbroker to purchase or sell Irish government bonds on their behalf.

b)      Corporate bonds

In this, one invests in a bond company but works just like government bonds. They are riskier than government bonds because the company may go bankrupt.  Due to risky affairs, the companies do not provide a high share here.

3) Consider Emergency funds investments

Emergency fund protects lifestyle finances from uncertainties. Hence, investing a part of your income in emergency funds may help. You do not need to invest €50000 directly. Instead, you can split your investments. You can begin investing only €3000 or less monthly. The amount you invest depends on your life goals, available savings, and debts.

Saving the same amount helps you save enough. You can only tap the fund in critical life circumstances. For example, you can use it to survive against- business loss, job loss, person loss, sudden property loss, or severe health concerns. Most individuals use it in unemployment.

4)      Mortgage

If you are thinking of buying your home but are confused, €50000 may help. You can invest this amount as a deposit to grab better interest rates on your mortgage. It is usually a long-term agreement. Thus, evaluate the property you want to mortgage to buy a new home.

The price and other aspects like location and future property value decide the amount you can get. Moreover, as mentioned above, house prices may rise in 2024. It implies, that your existing property price may rise too. You may get an affordable and profitable quote for your next home.

However, to purchase a property worth €4,50,000 but €50000 does not sound enough. Here, identify the ways to increase deposits. No, you do not need to wait until you save. Instead, utilise your debts. Consolidate some high-interest payments.

You can do this by checking the best personal loans in Ireland's marketplace. You can use these loans for anything. By consolidating, you can release the money clocked there and increase your deposit payment.  Moreover, you can reduce your debts and repayments.

5)      Invest in the retirement account

There are 3 types of pension - State Pension, workplace and personal pension. You can choose any of these depending on your life or retirement goals. With employment or workplace pension, you must pay a percentage of your contribution to the employer. He can legally claim it.

Alternatively, a personal retirement fund may be ideal. It offers you 100% ownership of the returns by the end of the fund term. Generally, you can claim the funds as you turn 55. The government plans to revise the withdrawal age to 58 from 2028. Early withdrawals may lead to about 70% charges.

Additionally, you may qualify for tax benefits. Any withdrawals from the account will be taxable

6)      Check Exchange-Traded funds

Exchange-traded Funds work similar to mutual funds. The only difference here is one trades it on high stock changes. Instead of investing just a Euro, you choose the shares you want to invest in.

Most ETFs are index funds that aim to match the performance of the parent stock. These are low-investment funds. It is ideal for first-time investors. Additionally, investors refraining from too much risk may find these funds best for fresh investors.

7)      Invest in certificates of Deposits

Certificate of Deposit is a fixed saving account that pays a fixed interest after the term ends. It differs from a savings account. You cannot touch it, unlike a savings account, until the term ends. Otherwise, you may incur a penalty. It is a conservative and low-volatility way of investing. It is also ideal for investors seeking safe ways to grow wealth. However, consider the amount carefully. Locking €50000 directly may be problematic.

What if you need some urgent money? You cannot touch a CD until the term agreement. Here, check money loans in Ireland's marketplace to close the need swiftly. However, quick finance may help you seal the deal, so be conscious while investing. You can also invest just €30000 and keep the rest as savings.

Bottom line

These are some best ways to invest €50000 and boost returns. Identify the investment facilities that suit your lifestyle, goals, income and liabilities the best. Check whether you need to invest the amount in a single facility or diversify your investments. Generally, you grow by diversifying investments in potential investment equipment.

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