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15 Ways To Reduce Costs On Your Energy Bills
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  • September 8, 2021

15 Ways To Reduce Costs On Your Energy Bills

Every household finds its own ways to deal with increasing energy bills. The impact of the increasing energy bills is difficult to monitor as they go in vain. Unlike increasing petrol costs, energy bills are invisible costs that are part of the expenses every month.

The cutting down on energy bills

If you want to save money on your electricity and gas usage, you have to find ways to reduce your bills and use your services efficiently. You can find ways and use modern techniques to reduce your bills and save some pounds on your energy bills.

Many people who do not take measures to reduce their bills face huge amounts to pay off as bills. In Ireland, many people do not have the required finances to pay off. Hence, they keep looking for fast loans. Therefore, it is important to look for measures to cut down costs on your bills.

Ways to reduce your energy bills

1. Use a microwave

You can use your microwave whenever you can. Microwave is considered to be an efficient way to heat and cook your food. If you heat your food in the microwave, a strong level of heat is used for cooking food, which saves a lot of energy.

2. Be aware of water usage

There may be times when you are using water liberally. To save on your gas bills, use the amount of water that is only required to cook the food. Excess boiling of water can lead to wastage of energy and thereby increasing your bills.

If you do not save water, you may face excess water bills. In Ireland, you can borrow loans from money lenders, but borrowing is not advisable to pay off your bills. Look for measures to reduce your bills and costs on energy consumption.

3. Take it slow

If you want to save more energy, you can try using a slow cooker or cooking throughout the day as it will save energy and uses the energy the same as the light bulb.

4. Have enough defrosting time

You can save a lot of energy on your defrosting. Defrost your frozen food either overnight or hours before cooking your food. If your food is defrosted hours before, it takes less time and energy on cooking.

It usually reduces half the time for cooking if the food is defrosted. In this case, you do not need to use any other medium for cooking, and it will save on your energy bills.

5. The right pan

If you are using an oversized pan for cooking your food, you will be wasting a lot of energy. Always try to use the same size pan to save energy, thereby cutting down on your energy bills. It takes time to heat a bigger surface as compared to a smaller surface.

6. Clean the heating rings

Before heating, makes sure that your heating rings are clean. If the heating rings are dirty, the food gets stuck to it, making it less efficient while cooking food. Hence, keep the rings clean to increase the heating efficiency.

7. Manage the temperature for washing clothes

While washing your clothes, keep the temperatures at 30-40°C as most of the energy goes into heating the water. You can save a significant amount of energy by washing your clothes at a specific temperature.

8. Hang up your laundry

If the weather is windy or warm, you can take advantage of the weather and air dry your clothes. Instead of tumble drying, you can switch to air dry whenever possible. Tumble drying consumes a lot of energy.

9. Save yourself ironing time

Save some energy on ironing your clothes. You can take out the clothes before they are fully dried. Completely dry clothes may take more time in getting ironed. Take out half dry clothes and save energy on your drying.

10. Use a smart meter

Suppose you want to cut down on the energy bills, save wherever you can. Small amounts can lead to big savings.

You can ask for a smart meter from your supplier and install a smart meter. Most of the energy goes on your meter, so not installing a smart meter can be a problem and not a wise decision.

11. Up gradation of gas appliances

Instead of using outdated appliances, you can switch to smarter and upgraded gas appliances. This will be more money efficient and energy saver for you. This is going to be an efficient way to save your energy bills.

12. Install a smart thermostat

Instead of a normal thermostat, you can install a smart thermostat and track your gas usage. When there is less usage of gas, you can make adjustments accordingly.

13. Energy-saving light bulbs

When you use normal electricity bulbs, a lot of energy goes in. Instead of using normal bulbs, you can install energy-saving light bulbs and make saving for your kitty.

These energy-saving light bulbs are readily available, and you can get them from anywhere. Once you install them, you will see a significant fall in your energy bills.

14. Use dimmer switches

If you install dimmer switches, you will be able to adjust the light for the room accordingly. This way you can use the light as per your demand. Also, it will help you in saving a significant amount of electricity.

15. Ensure to plug out what you do not need

If you are not using any appliance, you can plug it out. If you keep the gadgets and appliances plugged in, you are saving a lot of electricity. You waste a lot of electricity if you let the gadgets plugged in when not in use.

Even if the chargers are not in use and they are plugged in the socket, they consume electricity and add up to your bills.  Hence, it is advisable always to switch off the plugs and plug out the gadgets.


It is important to save energy. For this, it is important to educate all the members of your household. Without everyone’s cooperation, it is not possible for you to save energy and cut down on your bills.

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