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Downsides Of Digital Technology We Forget To Discuss
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  • August 6, 2021

Downsides Of Digital Technology We Forget To Discuss

Humans depend so much on technology that we almost forget to notice that it has some downsides also. In fact, there are many downsides that digital technology leaves when we use it. We should understand that a balance is necessary to maintain, no matter how modern we become. Advancement in technology is essential, but at the same time, we keep our habits a bit traditional to prevent their overuse.

Our own lifestyle is responsible for digital technology downsides

Yes, exactly! This should be the most established fact. We humans have the habit of doing things limitlessly. When we like something, we forget to draw a line of control and consume things excessively. The same is the case with digital technology. The way we use it and the amount of time we spend with it cause worry and concerns on varied aspects.

  • The need is to apply a good change in our life and alter lifestyle in the right direction.
  • We should spot the ways that can help us apply control on the way we use technology.
  • Until we do not take the initiative to change, no one else can help us prevent downsides.
  • We need to work only in simple ways, and a good, considerable change can be achieved.
  • Attention to the necessary aspects is vital to know where we need to change our habits.

Digital technology degrades creativity

That is perhaps already an established fact. When we see people spending hours with gadgets, it proves that we have restricted ourselves. The ability to innovate and apply our ideas in real life on various things life get affected.

We used to try new ways to organizing things on our shelves. We used to write diaries at the end of the day, and so much more. All such things helped drive our minds towards creativity. From the smallest activity to the most complicated tasks, we have stopped applying our minds.

This has thoroughly affected our trouble-shooting ability because now we do not know how to handle things besides the handling of digital devices. We may know how to fix our mobile phones, but we do not know how to fix the fit our car in a smaller parking area at a function venue.

Our mind has lost the capacity to react to situations. It only responds to digital devices such as mobile phones, laptops, computer systems, television etc. We have lost all the creativity from the simpler habits of sewing clothes to the trait of repurposing old things.

We consume things that are not necessary

There was a time when we followed strict budget limits. Our elders used to make a list of the grocery, household bills. Also, we had decided on occasions when we used to buy new clothes, gifts, other things for home etc. But are we really following that discipline now??? Certainly not, and this is what has caused chaos in our daily life. Thanks again to digital technology.

The new technology makes us habitual of ready to consume things. We love to order food online quite often beside the weekends. We have no limit on how many clothes we can buy in a month or year because the e-commerce websites installed on our mobile phones make us buy more. In some cases, it is a good thing, such as financial services. Today, we can take out instant loans in Ireland through a speedy process.

When digital technology offers ease in consumption of products and services, we should respect the facility. But as a contradiction, we start using things without any limit. This makes us mindless consumers of things and disturbs our budget badly.

The instant availability of things through online orders makes us forget the difference between needs and desires. Travelling was a big thing for us before, but the easy online ticket booking makes us spend more on trips that we frequently plan nowadays. The scarcity of funds is also not a problem as we have money lenders in Ireland that offer holiday loans on cheaper rates.

Threat to privacy and security concerns

The world today shout more about the things like ‘right to privacy, but the point is that we have no real control over our personal lives. Once again, the culprit is digital technology. However, we are also the culprit of our own compromised privacy concerns because we consistently fail to control our habits properly. This is what the prime reason for interference becomes in our privacy.

Our mobile phones keep all our secrets. From the passwords of banking apps to the security settings of our social media accounts, all secrets are there. Do we miss even a single occasion to post our pictures on Instagram, Facebook etc. etc. platforms? We should know that one can always track us through our social media account details.

It makes us feel helpless when we install an app. Or login to a website because it always asks for access permission to our location, pictures and contacts. To get uncompromised services from the concerned platform or provider, we must click on the ‘Accept’ or ‘Yes’ option. Is there any other option?? NO.

The hackers can always find easy ways to intrude on our mobile phones, laptops, computer systems etc. A huge part of the population has access to digital technology today, but how many are literate on safe technology use??? It is like, giving a precious key to a child who knows how to play with it but does not know what loss it can cause if he loses it.


The suitable conclusion may not be obtained from the words above but from a constructive change in our lifestyle. The Sooner we follow healthy habits, the faster we will feel less need to talk about the downsides of digital technology. The cause and the side-effects both are present around us.

The need is to start working on our own ways and habits. As we always listen, the actual change begins with you only. Why not embrace that change and spread the good habit. The need is to promote healthy habits of using digital technology. Maybe gradually, but the good patterns will develop for sure.

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