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The Perfect Technological Inventions For Differently-Abled People
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  • July 28, 2021

The Perfect Technological Inventions For Differently-Abled People

We may see some extraordinary examples that give us inspiration in our daily life despite their difficult situations. They refuse to give up and create history.

Many differently-abled people have that spark and contagious energy to achieve the best for themselves.

Communicating and expressing yourself may seem very natural and obvious to us, but many people are deprived of this. They are not able to communicate or express themselves. This may be a consequence of specific physical and cognitive disorders.

The proper use of technology

Some people are differently-abled but are full of life and zeal to achieve things in life. Additionally, technology has helped to be more capable to deal with their situations in life efficiently.

Some people are working tirelessly to change things for such people and have got some breakthrough innovations. In Ireland, there have been some phenomenal technological inventions to benefit differently-abled people.

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Technological inventions for the Differently-Abled

1. Smart Shoes

Smart shoes have been a breakthrough in the field of technological invention. As GPS enables us to navigate our directions, these smart shoes also help navigate without looking at your smartphone.

These smart shoes are basically designed to aid visually impaired people. This will help them to navigate the world without any hassle.

These shoes work in an organized way. A vibration on the left foot is for a left turn, while two vibrations on the right and one on the left is for a wrong turn.

2. Smart Glasses

These smart glasses are also built to assist the visually impaired. These glasses consist of 2 small cameras, headphones, GPS, compass, gyroscope, and a transparent OLED display.

This highly assistive technology helps them to walk easily even in unfamiliar places and to identify the obstacles on the way.

3. Disability Scooter

There has been a revolution in the automobile industry, and many vehicles have been invented for the differently-abled. Special scooters have been designed for the differently-abled to help them travel in their own way.

It has got added features and advantages that have made it convenient for the specially-abled.

It is just like a motorized wheelchair that makes the differently-abled mobile without any hassle. It also helps them to navigate the traffic.

It is like a car that offers complete safety and security while travelling on the road. It comes with lockable doors and a canopy to provide complete protection and comfort while being on the road.

4. Braille eReader

This is an eReader that helps the visually impaired to read. This technology allows them to read and understand various images, graphs and figures etc.

5. Advancement in geospatial technology

There have been several advancements in geo-spatial technology that is helping the differently-abled in many ways and making them independent.

It is providing simple solutions for these people and making their lives simpler and more accessible. Geospatial technology is available but at a little higher price than other technological inventions.

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6. Customized accessibility map

Differently-abled people are often in need of accessibility information. There has been a lot of technological advancement which is helping in providing information to challenged people to get accessibility information.

Some universities provide maps with accessibility information, especially in urban areas. It is essential for people with disabilities to have independent mobility and improving quality of life.

Building entrances and public transport often poses a challenge for wheelchair users and people with visual disabilities. Real-time navigation aids (GIS-based) is a solution in such scenarios.

7. GIS based application

Numerous GIS-based applications have been developed considering the people with challenges and their limitations in day to day life activities and social interactions because of impaired hearing and vision, challenge with movement, difficultly in communicating, emotional and intellectual learning difficulties etc.

With these applications, functions such as edit, manage information of disabled people, addressing the categories, finding coordinates of their house and work location etc., can be controlled by the administrator.

Users (disabled people) can also interact using the web browser, sign in to their account, review, edit, and record basic information such as name, age, disability, gender, etc.

8. Functional disability mapping

GIS technology is efficient and widely used in health research to understand infectious diseases and environmental threats. It also helps to examine functional disability patterns.

Geographical sampling and various analyses are used for this purpose.

Ground surveys are conducted, and fundamental the accurate ground reality, thematic maps are then generated. It helps visualize results by type of disability, causes, geographic locations, population, gender, age group, etc.


The invention of these assistive technologies has made it very much more accessible for differently-abled people to perform well in every aspect of their lives.

These individuals can dream of big and keep the ability of implementing it with all the possibilities. Technology has become a crucial part of our life. However, we have to learn how we can use that technology positively to our life.

Along with improving the quality of life, these technologies have also helped them be equal in every field.

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