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How Can You Have The Perfect Credit Score For Your Borrowing?
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  • December 12, 2022

How Can You Have The Perfect Credit Score For Your Borrowing?

During the pandemic, many people suffered from financial losses. Most of them lost their jobs. And many of them were unable to make the payments on their borrowing.

This has intensified the cost of living crisis. People are not able to make up for their daily expenditures and necessities. With the demand for good credit and lender checking, credit score is also going up.

Some of the borrowers may have a good credit score as they make their payments on time. But for others, creditworthiness is very low. Amid the discussions, it is essential to look at the fact that credit scores can be improved.

The required push to improve your credit score

It is never too late. Whatever score you are having, you can focus on that and boost it in the long run. With a good credit score, lenders usually offer low-interest rates and higher loan amounts through their loans on online facility.

Also, there is a lesser need for collateral or a mortgage. Your credit score is the centre of your borrowing.

Many lenders do not accept you as a borrower if you do not have the correct scores. It usually influences your ability to repay the amount that you have on you as a debt burden.

Tips to boost your credit score

Dealing with a bad score can be daunting. Try to improve your score by following the below points:

1. Prove where you live

The first and foremost step to improve your credit score is to prove your residential address.

Wherever you are residing, it is vital to have legal proof of your current address. If you are staying alone or in rented accommodation, try to gather all the essential documents related to your current address.

2. Build your credit history

Another critical step is to build a credit history. Although you may have a bad score, it is never too late to work on it.

Some specific measures and companies guide you to assess your score and work on it. But many people are unknown of this step.

If you try to look around, you will find out ways in which you can give a push to your current battery score.

3. Make regular payments on time

If you are making your payments on time, there is no way that your credit score can go wrong. Try to handle your loan in a responsible and timely manner.

With well-managed accounts, you will automatically have the perfect score that will have a positive impact on your future borrowing. In any case, try to make sure to get your repayments.

4. Keep your credit utilization low

Your credit utilization is another indicator that depicts your credit score. If you keep it too high, the lender may not consider you a reliable borrower.

Instead, try to keep it low, as the lender can take a lower percentage positively. Ideally, your score should be below 30%.

5. Look for an instant score boost

There is an instant way also to boost your credit score. You can connect to your Experian account and understand your spending behaviour.

Sometimes we do not realise we are spending on irrelevant and unnecessary things. If you try to save them and keep a summary with you, you can look at that summary from time to time.

Based on that, try to apply for credit for which you are eligible. Many lenders offer bad credit loans for such cases. In Ireland, many people avail of these loans when they require money.

6. Rectify your score report errors

Every borrower has a credit report. You can check for any discrepancies and mistakes in your reports. In case of an error, try to rectify it instantly.

Even with the smallest mistakes, sometimes the lender does not consider you and may refuse to offer you the loan. Have the information up-to-date and work on its accuracy.

If there is a mistake, immediately connect with your financial advisor and try to resolve it.

Any negative information that goes from your report can have a double negative impact on the lender. They may not consider you and me. Send your report for correction.

7. Keep an eye out for fraudulent activity

Along with the bad score, they can also be fraudulent activity. Sometimes fraudsters keep on looking for people who have a good score. You may not know, but it can happen under your nose.

Certain situations can occur when you do not recognize any application.

Immediately bring it to the notice and report it as a red flag. Do not be a victim of identity fraud and instead raise your voice against any fraudulent activity.

8. Avoid moving your home

As mentioned above, your current address proof works in favour of your borrowing. Hence, it is advisable not to move your home.

Try to stay in one place for a more extended period. This shows your stability in different circumstances.

Also, if you move in here and there, it can be difficult for you to pay the rent. Your address works as essential proof of your credit history.

Many people do not understand the criticality of this aspect. They move their home every quarter. With this trend, it is difficult for them to get the right kind of loan for them.

9. Opt for a credit builder card

Going for a credit card is a good option. If you wish to rebuild your score, you can always avail yourself of such cards. Typically, these cards help to lower your spending limits.

Along with this, they work on improving your credit score as well. If you wish to do both, go for this option and use it wisely.


A credit score is an essential parameter of your borrowing. If you do not work on it, it will eventually not take care of you.

Hence, having the best score to attract reputed and prominent lenders is essential.

Once you have the right borrowing, try making timely payments to have the perfect score in the long run.

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