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How To Strategise Financing Your Business To Run It Smoothly?
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  • December 20, 2022

How To Strategise Financing Your Business To Run It Smoothly?

Finance is an integral part of the business. It is required to carry out the business operation, development, and expansion. There are two different categories of finances available-long term and short-term.

The only difference lies in the payback timeline of these options. Short-term loans need to be returned within 12 months. On the other hand, long-term loan payment depends on factors such as the amount, interest rate, etc.

Additionally, there is another categorisation of these sources, i.e. internal and external sources of funds. Internal sources of funds include the revenue and profits of the business. An external source includes funds from outside the business, i.e. a lender or a creditor.

The financing sources

A business requires funding at every step to function effectively. A strong financial status facilitates staying on top of competitors. Companies that run out of cash need funding to survive in the market.

To fulfil the needs of such sorts of firms, go for fast loans in Ireland from a direct lender. It is readily available irrespective of credit score barriers.

An internal source of funding may be an excellent option to consider. Still, there are some disadvantages too. The two sides of an internal source of financing are crucial to know. They are mentioned to give better insights on the same.


Some of the advantages of internal funding are:

1. Allows full control

The internal funding source has no repayment commitments compared to the other one. You do not have to worry about the repayment and any interest rate charged on it.

But you have to ensure that the repayment should happen on time. You can again avail yourself whenever it is required back in the business.

If you are taking money from your business, you must definitely return it. It should be a clear equation. Whatever amount you are borrowing must be returned to your business on time.

Consider your venture as an individual. Like you pay your lenders, you have to pay your business. This will never create any kind of confusion in your business operations.

2. Facilitates the planning process

Opting for internal funding curbs unnecessary spending habits. In turn, it creates positive spending habits.

The business becomes more careful and watchful of the expenses being incurred from that money. Since it is the firm's hard-earned money and cannot be wasted on unnecessary costs.

3. Reduces the overall cost

External funding involves interest rates to it. This makes it expensive compared to the internal source of financing.

For instance, you are planning to buy an asset for your firm that will cost you €21,000. You have to pay the expense with the internal source, and your transaction is complete.

But, if you go for an external source of funding, along with the principal amount, you also need to pay the interest rate. This makes it expensive, an approximation of €10,000 extra as interest.

4. Improves the company value

Generally, investors are not in favour of external debt for their businesses. External funding attaches vast debt to a company. More the debt, the lesser the overall value of the firm.

With internal funding, there may be difficulty in managing business expenses. But in a more extended way, it will always prove to be advantageous for the business. Hence, managing debt levels contributes to better financial health.


1.Negative impact on the operating budget

There has to be a source of internal funding. Most of it comes from either the revenue generated or the operating budget.

Taking out money from the operating budget may leave less money for daily expenses. This may leave the business with less money to spend. To avoid such a situation, most companies use internal funding.

This is used for short-term projects. Here, the critical factor is the timely payback of the funds to the business.

2. Accuracy of cost estimates

Internal funding has to be returned to the business. Hence, there should be accuracy in the cost estimates of the project.

It becomes mandatory to determine the cost of the project. These projects have many aspects, such as forecasts, project work, investment recoup timelines, etc.

Cost accuracy facilitates the return anticipation for future planning of the business operations.

3. Spending discipline

Having internal money restricts spending. It has to be monitored regularly to avoid wastage and unnecessary expenditure. The funds must be spent with internal discipline and effectiveness.

With financial discipline, the business may get into trouble. Also, it may cause a problem with its costs and budget.

If the business gets stuck in any issues with the internal funding source, it may have to borrow funds from an external source. Ineffective borrowing may put the company into a vicious circle of debt.

4.  Can cause cash starvation

Many businesses end up allocating too many resources to internal funding. Due to this excessive involvement of cash, some of the departments in the business may starve financially.

Even if one of the departments goes out of cash, it becomes difficult for the business to function effectively. The business's health is affected and leading to a downfall.

The internal source of funding allows the business to gain more control. Moreover, it restricts unnecessary funding. Due to excessive spending, many companies have become bankrupt. Further, it can lead to their shutdown as well.

Along with business loan options, money lenders in Ireland also provide other options. This helps in the survival of the business. Conclusively, every company has different needs, and it is important to weigh both pros and cons before opting for either.


Some entrepreneurs need to pay more attention to business financing and keep spending money. If you are ignorant towards your business money, it will become ignorant towards you.

Make sure to spend viciously and save at the same time. Both things require equal attention and are mandatory. Without finances, it is daunting to proceed. Make sure to respect your finances to get respect in return.

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