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How Can You Save And Spend Money During Black Friday?
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  • December 1, 2022

How Can You Save And Spend Money During Black Friday?

The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. It is one of the best times of the year for the people around. There are several deals on this day that you may benefit from.

Many retailers reported their highest sales during black Friday. It marks one of the best phases for your shopping. Many people save money for this day and get the best deals on whatever they want.

This year, Black Friday will happen on November 25th. Pre-Covid, the sales had a different picture. However, post-Covid, there has been a decrease in sales, and shopkeepers are also witnessing the change.

The significant Black Friday deals

Now when that Covid is fading away, sales are again set to increase for retailers. The buyers are also saving money for their best shopping deals. It is beneficial for the buyers too.

If they are not able to save money, they opt for other options. But nobody wants to miss these deals. Hence, the lenders also become active during this time and offer different loans as they are aware of the high demand.

Buyers usually go for online loans in Ireland and fund their Black Friday shopping. Borrowing is not a bad thing but not repaying is. Once you have done your shopping, shift your focus to repayment and stay debt-free.

Tips to save money during Black Friday

If you wish to buy the best things with less money, look at the points mentioned below.

1. Start your research early

Focus on your research before going for your black Friday deals. Look for simple shopping ways and keep an eye on your spending pattern. Whenever you want to buy something, make a list in advance, and search for the things that are available during the period.

It will make it easier for you to tap on the desired product. Also, you stay focused while shopping. Some retail websites give you information in advance about the products that are available with them.

Although significant discounts are available, stay aware of them. Buy only what you want. Another purpose of listing your products is to have a backup plan.

Sometimes you may not get the products that you desire. In such cases, look for alternatives. The unavailability can be due to out-of-stock or product shortage factors. Do not feel disappointed and instead benefit from the ongoing deal.

2. Set a budget

Setting a budget is very important. If you have excess money, there is no harm in spending.

But with little money, there is a budget requirement. While budgeting, work on not only spending but also the saving aspect. For example, if you spend £100 on your shopping, you may save £20. It will benefit your financial portfolio.

3. Use your credit card and loan wisely

Paying by credit card means you spread your payments for some period. Also, you can buy whatever you want without having any restrictions. If you are dealing in cash, it may limit you, as you can see the outgoing money.

But with a credit card, there is no limit as it is not visible. Sometimes some cards may offer you a limited period to pay off your amount.

While other cards may give you a good tenure for your repayment, choose a card with a long duration to pay off your debts. You may get stuck and be unable to unburden yourself from the credit card debt if you go with a limited period.

On the other hand, if you are availing of loans for this, make sure to use them wisely. The most common form of Black Friday loan is legit loans for bad credit. In Ireland, most people go for such loans. Once you avail them, focus on their repayment. Do not let it overburden you.

4. Go for advanced online accounts

To ease out your process, set up your account in advance. Sometimes, you may face huge traffic on the website. It would lead to a delay eventually.

Do not be a victim of this traffic delay. Set up different accounts so that you can easily manage your shopping. With huge footfall, the website also stops working, and the payment page stops responding.

It can stop your shopping spree and hamper it. Hence, prepare advance accounts and be ready with all the information.

5. Check out social media

In search of the best deal, do not neglect the power of social media. Many retailers come on social media platforms and announce their sales. Also, there is a product list available with them.

You can check out the platforms and make a list of your purchases. Following the proper steps can help you to save a lot of money.

But amid this, make sure to safeguard your personal information. You take benefit out of the situations and can forge your information for their benefit.

6. Sign up for newsletters

Newsletters are another way to take benefit of black Friday deals. If you wish to save your money, go for the newsletter.

Many retailers and companies often keep on sending emails and different discount codes. By clicking on such emails, you may retain these vouchers.

Along with this, try to stay away from fraudulent emails. As mentioned above, fraudsters keep an eye on people committing such mistakes.

7.  Look out for early bird discounts

Early bird discounts are still prevalent during black Friday and Thanksgiving. Retailers start the day by providing the best discounts to people who come early.

These offers are worth keeping an eye on. Spot a good deal and tap on it at the right time. You may feel the difference between these early bird discounts and the normal discounts offered by retailers.

8. Shop around

Shopping around is very important. However, every retailer gives you a good discount. For example, if a retailer offers you a 10% discount, you may go for it. However, while looking around, you may realize that another retailer is giving you a 15% discount.

Do not miss out on the opportunity. Grab it and save your money. The saved money can be utilised to conduct another purchase from some other retailers.

9. Check for discount codes

To get bigger discounts, different websites will help you out with this. Some websites have discount vouchers or coupon codes that you can avail of.

You just need to tap on the website and go for these. Sometimes they have outdated coupons as well. Hence, you need to tap on it and check the validity of these codes. If they work, you can get an additional discount on the Existing discount.

10. Watch out for delivery charges

As mentioned above, you need to prepare yourself in advance. Along with a shopping list, check the delivery charges as well. Many buyers make the mistake of getting the products at heavy discounts but pay huge delivery charges.

Make a list of the retailers that are offering good discounts along with good discounts on delivery charges as well. You are balancing out your purchase if you are redeeming the dealer's discount and paying that same extra amount on your delivery.

Make sure to understand the calculation behind it and work on it thoroughly.

11.  Know your rights

While shopping online, you should know your rights. Every buyer follows specific guidelines. Even if you save a lot of money while shopping online, you must operate under these guidelines.

If the items are not delivered to you at the right time, regardless of a huge discount, you are liable to file a complaint against the retailer and seek a replacement.

Several websites offer you these guidelines and help you to understand your purchase in a better way.


Black Friday is a big occasion for people in Ireland and around. You get good deals on the things that may not offer discounts during the other time.

Hence, save some money and prepare a list of what you want. It gives a feel-good factor and good money savings if you effectively encash the Black Friday deals.

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