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How do you Qualify for an Instant Cash Loan?
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  • June 17, 2022

How do you Qualify for an Instant Cash Loan?

In extreme financial distress, one undergoes mental and physical trauma. Unemployment or sudden job loss follows unavoidable liabilities. Falling short on ample savings by the side becomes problematic in crucial times.

Students, single mothers, retired personnel, or anyone undergoing a financial crunch can encounter the immediate need for cash at any moment. Unfavourable situations like - furloughs, a huge business loss or living from paycheck to paycheck make it almost impossible to save.

What do you generally do in this case?

Contact your neighbours for help?

Contact your mother for small money assistance?

Contact your best friend to help in the hour of need?

Ask your employer for an immediate and urgent money transfer?

The worst part is – this situation lacks security and guaranteed help. All the more, if you do not share a decent credit score, you may not qualify for a personal loan from high-street lenders.

What if you can get instant cash without taking any of these hassles?

Yes, you can do so with cash loans.

What Do Cash Loans Imply?

Cash loans are unsecured lending products that one borrows from a lender to meet emergency requirements. One can borrow anywhere up to €2000 from a lender. The amount one can borrow depends entirely on the need and the representative’s evaluation. Once approved, the borrower gets the money the same day in the account.

As these are unsecured short-term loans, they have high-interest rates. A borrower should evaluate all the choices before applying for cash loans. Whether you need cash to pay off the person for cleaning the car or bridge an unexpected money requirement, you can take out cash loans in Ireland.

Who is Cash Loans Ideal For?

These cash loans have high APR and hence, may not be ideal for every requirement. You can take a cash loan if:

  • You need urgent money regardless of your credit score.
  • You want to avoid taking a personal loan requiring a harsh credit check.
  • You need only a small amount from money lenders in Ireland
  • You need the flexibility to spread short-term loans into affordable payments or instalments.
  • Need cash within 15 minutes without indulging in strenuous document processing.

What purpose do Cash loans help fulfil?

Here are some common purposes that you can use cash loans for in Ireland.

  • To pay a pending credit card loan repayment
  • To consolidate existing debts
  • To pay off school or tuition fee
  • To meet small stationary expenses
  • To manage unexpected medical bills
  • Restore smartphone bills to attend important conversations
  • To fix the leaking pipe if running out of cash
  • To fix the broken car window pain immediately in the mid

These are some purposes for that you can use fast loans.

Who can qualify for Cash Loans in Ireland?

Before applying for cash loans for any of the purposes listed above, make sure to meet the criteria:

  • Must be a resident of Ireland
  • Must be above 20 years old and not above 75 years
  • Should own a verified mobile number
  • Should hold a verified bank account with a valid debit card in Ireland
  • Must have a take-home income above €1300

Apart from this, lenders evaluate recent credit activities and behaviour to decide the total amount to lend. If you managed your credit well previously, you might take cash loans in Ireland at comparatively low-interest rates.

How much Can cash loans can you borrow at My credit bucks?

At my credit bucks, you can borrow anywhere up to €3000. You share the flexibility to repay the amount in small instalments- 3,6 and 9 months. The cash loan process is designed to suit the customer’s emergency requirements. We ensure you get the money in your bank account in as less than 15 minutes.

Can I take cash loans in Ireland when unemployed?

Yes, you can qualify for a minimum cash amount regardless of your employment status.  Provide the minimal proof of employment in the form of-

  • Rental income
  • Income from self-employment
  • Spouse income
  • Income from unemployment benefits
  • Income from a retirement account
  • Pension
  • Income from dividends

In precise, if you could reveal any of these, you can immediately qualify for cash loans.

Will I have my credit report checked to get instant cash loans?

Yes, money lenders in Ireland conduct a soft credit check before approval. A soft credit check does not leave any footprint on your credit report.  You will not lose your credit score or degrade it while applying for instant cash loans with us.

What Do You Need to Qualify for A Cash Loan in Ireland?

At Mycreditbucks, you can ditch a strenuous cash loan application process. We help our customers to the best of our abilities to get cash loans within seconds. The lenders here do not make you complete a long application form.

Instead, we ensure a short, simple and quick application that aligns with individuals’ purpose of urgency. Determine the total amount you need to borrow by evaluating the purpose and its cost.

In confusion, one of our representatives quickly attended to the customer’s issue and helped him qualify for the loan.

We need a small income proof to ensure a loan approval in minutes.

You need a strong employment history and employment proof to qualify for a cash loan. With us, you always know the total amount and associated fee.

Our flexible repayment plan helps you manage your repayments effortlessly and avoid defaulting on the loans. Inability or loan repayment failure can hamper your chances of securing a comfortable borrowing in the future.

Thus, evaluate your circumstances and borrow the amount you require to meet the purpose. Non-repayment or missing repayments could lead to unavoidable loan arrears. It is not good news for your credit health.

What If I Encounter Issues Managing Repayments?

Certain life situations make one weak in time, and finances fall apart. In such a case, do not wait for any longer instead contact money lenders in Ireland. They help revise your loan terms by evaluating the situations to suit your present financial circumstances or issuing forbearance.

In forbearance, lenders grant the flexibility to halt payments for a while. It gives you ample time to raise your finances from the beginning and repay the loan.

Bottom line

Instant money is a solution to bridge every gap to securing secured finance and tackle the urgency. It does not require one to have a stellar credit score. A good income source suffices.

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