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How To Manage Unexpected Wedding Costs Given Budget Constraints?
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  • September 21, 2022

How To Manage Unexpected Wedding Costs Given Budget Constraints?

It should not be a surprise that weddings in Ireland are a costly affair. From the engagement ring and wedding cake to the dress, there is a multitude of things to consider. On average, a wedding in Ireland costs around €28,000-€36000. Yes, you can pull off a wedding almost on any budget, but saving extra towards unplanned expenses is essential. It is something that individuals often miss out on, leading to mismanagement.

For example, if the caterers cancel the deal at the last moment, you cannot get the guests waiting. It could turn out to be an embarrassment. Instead, switch to quick personal loans in Ireland on bad credit.

These loans help you cover up costs quickly and hire a new one without the wait. Yes, you may get so even if you lack credit. It is one of the best ways to get a hold of the situation without panicking. Finding instant cash, especially in marriage preparations, is unlikely. These loans save the day.

Top unplanned costs to look out for in Weddings

Having tab over extras that could affect the overall budget before the date could save you millions. It will help you ensure more flexibility in the budget frame. The worst part is many grooms and brides fail to comprehend these until the wedding day! Though these can be small but can quickly add up and disrupt the finances.

Check some of these sudden costs:

  • Alterations
  • Beauty treatment and trials
  • Tax and gratuities
  • Insurance
  • Non-approved vendors
  • Décor malfunction
  • Postage
  • DIY costs
  • Pre-wedding accommodation for bridesmaid
  • Ceremony fee
  • Guest transport
  • Favours and welcome bags
  • Extra guests costs
  • Labour costs
  • Extra clothes after the wedding
  • Thank you notes

Did you scream, "Oh, I forgot that for my wedding?" It is natural to forget a thing or two when approaching the most beautiful and anticipated day. Sometimes keeping extras on a budget does not help the expense. Here personal loans in Ireland help bridge the enormous cost management gap with quick funding without collateral. It enables you to manage last-minute expenses.

How to get a quick personal loan on bad credit in Ireland for wedding costs?

Unsecured personal loans are the best for urgent and time-bound expenses. When you run short of cash, explore the best quotes. Lenders provide prequalification on these loans. It means you can explore the options without affecting your credit score.

You may get the sum even if you lack a good credit score, but you must ensure credible income proof. These are short-term loans with competitive APRs. Once the lender approves the loan, you get the sum instantly. As these loans do not require collateral demonstration, they share quick turnarounds. The payments begin to accrue on the entire loan costs from day 1.

Explore other options, and tap additional funds if you have insurance to cover the costs. If you lack any, get personal loans in Ireland at Mycreditbucks. If you have a low credit score, do not worry, you could apply and get approval the same day at the portal. You could borrow anywhere from €1000-€5000 as per your requirement.

Though credit score is the benchmark to define affordability in many cases, we provide loans based on the borrower's income capacity. We accept applications for personal loans on bad credit in Ireland. 

1)    Apply for the loan at the portal by filling in your personal details

You could quickly apply for the loans as per your requirement at the portal. Define your need and borrow only the required amount. In case of confusion, you could leverage our free expert assistance. It will help you decide the right amount to fetch. It would not be a burden on your wedding expenses.

2)     Get the mail detailing the terms

Once you apply for the loan, you will get a mail detailing the terms and conditions of the loan. In case of any confusion, you could ask us before approving the same.

We do not pressure you to accept the quote. It is a non-obligation quote. You can cancel it within 14 days if you do not feel the need for it. In this case, do not send the signed agreement. If you do not do so, we automatically consider it cancelled.

3)   Get the money in the account the same day

If you agree to the loan terms and conditions and send the signed agreement, you get the sum requested the same day. One of our representatives transfers the money to the given account details. We prioritize the comfort and urgency factor to lend funds comfortably.

If you need more, you must redefine the loan terms at the very minute. This way, we help the borrower get the required sum and meet the urgent wedding expense without further delay.

If You Fail to Pay Personal Loan Repayments Timely, What Happens?

Lenders cannot do anything of the sort in the case of unsecured personal loans where the lender claims the property rightfully. In this case, lenders report defaults in the credit report to a credit agency. It drops the credit score. However, at Mycreditbucks, we do not do that straight-forward.

You could avoid defaulting on the same by helping you split the repayments into affordable payments. You could choose the payment pattern by your income and credit score. If you miss a payment or two, you must inform us early. We could help revise the repayment terms to match your current financial credentials. It is the reason why customers trust us in the case of quick personal loans in Ireland. 


So, in this way, you could get personal loans immediately without any obligations. Exploring ways to make the wedding an affordable event is always better. Here are some tips for doing so:

  • Limit the guest lists by inviting only the important ones
  • Host some ceremonies at home
  • Leverage the skills of your loved ones for decorating thank you gifts or photography
  • Try DIY projects

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