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  • November 25, 2020

Is It A Wise Idea to Retire during Recession?

If retirement was at the back of your time before the pandemic outbreak, you must be dreading it now. The economy has seen better days, and the unemployment rate is not going to fall, according to experts. Many people have no clarity on whether they should retire during the recession or not. Both retirements during the recession and not working for some time are different things.

Even if you have lost your job during the recession, you will likely be in a better situation than those who have retired. This is because your unemployment phase is temporary, and in the interim, you will live off your savings. Since there is no going back, you should ensure that you are entirely ready for it.

Is your retirement budget ready?

A rule of thumb says that you should have transferred enough money to your retirement funds that you need to cover all of your expenses, including non-essential. Since you will not have any income source, you will live off only the retirement fund. If you are thinking to retire, make sure that you have set aside enough money to live at your comfort.

Your retirement funds should be divided into two essential and extra expenses. The former will include the money you need for your necessities, including mortgage repayments, credit card bills, and quick loans in Ireland. The latter will cover expenses that are discretionary or unexpected. Since goods become costly during the recession, make sure that your budget has wiggle room.

How about your portfolio mix?

Your portfolio mix is one of the significant elements to decide if you should retire now or not. Since you are planning to retire, you will shift toward lower-risk assets. However, it depends on your portfolio mix. For instance, if your portfolio mix has a large number of stocks, you will have to wait for the market to bounce back.

However, if your investment portfolio is not much risk-prone, it will have a minor impact on your withdrawal. It is essential to know the implications of the investment portfolio of your retirement decision.

You have spent too much time and effort to reach where you are, and hence it can be quite a simpleton to give up and not wait until the market catches up with the pace. Do not take any decision blindly even if you are sure to retire during the recession period. It is always advisable to consult an investment expert to know about the implications.

What about your lifestyle?

The money you need after retirement does depend on your lifestyle too. Likely, the money you have in your retirement funds is not enough to spend retirement living in your hometown, but that may be sufficient if you move out of your town.

It is not surprising that your neighbour city cuts down the living cost and you can manage to live off a small retirement budget. If you have decided to retire during the recession and your retirement funds is not large enough, you should plan out to move out of your town with a low cost of living.

Well, you will have to retire sooner or later. There is no guarantee that next time the economy will not be facing a recession when you will act upon your decision. If you are planning to retire during the recession, you should make sure that you have set aside enough money to live golden years of your life comfortably.

If financial obligations are pulling you back, you should contact loan agencies in Ireland to find out how quickly you can settle all of your dues. It is always suggested that you should be free from debt obligations before you retire because otherwise a large chunk of money will go toward debt settlement and you will have difficulty making ends meet.

Further, do not forget to consider the impact of your decision on investments. Take stock of your entire financial picture to arrive at a decision and do not be biased with your opinion or want. Retire during the recession only if it allows you or is beneficial. Just because you want to retire does not mean that you will go ahead. Proper planning is a must.

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