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Pros and Cons of Gift Card: Is It the Right Gift for Your Loved Ones?
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  • June 23, 2021

Pros and Cons of Gift Card: Is It the Right Gift for Your Loved Ones?

For many people, buying a gift is a fun activity that involves visits to the stores and hours of going through the shelves. At the same time, others think of it as a cumbersome task that wastes time and energy. Also, some people often exchange their gift to get the item they wanted in the first place.

Businesses knew about these categories of customers and provided the ultimate solution for their problem. They started offering gift cards to the audience that wants to save time or get the exact gift of their choice. However, the convenience of gift cards also has some cons that people ignore.

Here, you will find the cons and pros of gift cards to make sure the receiver appreciates the effort.

Pros of Gift Cards

  • Easy to Exchange

You can easily exchange gift card for your loved ones from a remote location. The travel restrictions won’t change the tradition of exchanging gift in your family. These cards will get delivered on time, even if you live on a different continent.

The digital gift cards come with an instant delivery option for the senders. Therefore, they will help you if you forget the occasion for the gift. Moreover, you can buy the card in advance and schedule the delivery to match the event timing.

  • Controlled Spending

People with overspending issues will get help with the gift cards as they come with a predefined value. You should set the value as a limit for the gift or purchase. Therefore, the redeemer will save money on the purchase of something they wanted as a gift.

For the senders, they don’t have to go through the catalogue to increase the budget. In most cases, we spend a few additional quid to get a better gift for the loved ones. However, you should contact a direct lender if you are looking for loans for the unemployed in Ireland to increase the spending limit of the receiver with an expensive gift card.

  • Gift of Their Choice

It is rude to return a gift from someone as they put their time, efforts, thoughts, and money into it. However, we often find the gift useless because of numerous reasons. Thus, it makes more sense to return them and get something that we can use.

Gift cards eliminate the whole process of returning a gift from someone. You have complete control over the purchase from the store. To give an idea, Amazon has hundreds of millions of products in its catalogue, making it a marketplace for almost everyone on this planet.

  • Minimal Delivery Cost

Gift cards are small and lightweight orders that require effortless delivery from the service providers. You don’t have to spend a considerable amount on the products' shape, size, and weight. Thus, it will save money if you are at a location far away from the receivers.

For the digital cards, there are no delivery charges involved. The store will send the code to the receivers through an email. Therefore, the delivery is not only free but instant as well. Even the local stores will charge a minimal cost, if any, to deliver their gift cards in the neighbourhood.

  • Discounts on Use

Businesses want to push their gift card sales in the holiday seasons. They know the cards will return in profit and some unused credits to get great returns on their investment. Thus, you may find some discounts on the use of gift cards in the stores.

They may offer a discount on the purchase of gift card to attract buyers. Therefore, the givers will save money while the receiver will get more value from the same spending. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved, the sender, the receiver, and the business.

Cons of Gift Cards

  • No Personal Touch

Gift cards are not the result of a severe thought process considering the likes and dislikes of the receiver. The most personalised touch is the store or brand selected for buying gift cards. Therefore, the gift somehow loses its emotional value in the process.

You should avoid gift cards if the receiver is someone extraordinary in your life. They may spend hours planning the perfect gift for you. And you are giving them a card with an amount to spend, an idea that takes hardly a minute to think.

  • Small Balances are Unusable

You have sent a gift card of 500 points to the receiver. They went to the stores and find something with a price tag of 480 points to buy with the gift card. The remaining 20 points are no left unused in the majority of the cases.

Major brands make a fortune from these leftover amounts from thousands of their customers. Some sellers may provide the option to use the remaining credit with payment for the remaining amount. You can take a cash loan in 1 hour in Ireland to buy a valuable item with the help of remaining credit.

  • Fees and Conditions

People often ignore the fees and condition of these gift cards before they make the purchase. You are forced to spend some additional amount to the available credit in many physical cards. Therefore, it may seem unreasonable as the receivers will get less value on the gift than the spending of the sender.

Moreover, there are many conditions and terms associated with using these cards available in fine prints. They may limit the card's use to a certain amount or section of products. Also, you should check the expiration date of these cards as they will get useless after the date.

  • Easy to Lose

The physical cards are easy to lose for the receivers. Their size is similar to the credit cards in your wallet. However, people don’t put them in a safe location as credit cards and often lose them in the clutter.


To sum up, gift cards are indeed convenient and practical options to gift your loved ones. You should gift them to someone who will not feel bad in the absence of a meaningful gift. It will help if you remain smart with the purchase as businesses may use these cards to push underperforming products from their shelves.

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