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Does Getting Quick Loans on Bad Credit Impact Credit Score?
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  • May 18, 2022

Does Getting Quick Loans on Bad Credit Impact Credit Score?

The world is changing drastically, and consumers rely more on technology to fix their minimal cash issues. Life is full of surprises, and one may encounter a bad one without warning. That's a fact.

Be it sudden unemployment, exhausted savings, urgent medical requirement, or pending payments, and one feels stuck. Consumers seek a solution to meet this immediate cash need without waiting. Countering a cashless situation when you need it the most is heart-wrenching.

One feels helpless in these times. Furthermore, pending credit card payments and other debt repayments in unemployment broadly impact the credit score. The situation becomes a cross path for a person seeking immediate cash relief regardless of credit score.

What if you run out of cash and need it urgently to fix the car window?

Quick loans help fix issues like this with immediate access to money.

Let's see the same condition:

Mr Marcus’ car’s broken window needs to be changed, but he lacks the needed cash. He plans to take out quick loans in Ireland by contacting Mycreditbucks and gets cash within 15 minutes in the account. Marcus gets the window repaired immediately. 

How does that sound? Interesting?

Yes, fast loans are for unavoidable urgencies like this.

What Do Quick Loans Imply?

These are loans that anyone can apply for without bothering about the credit score and other complicated documentation.

The loans are for the purpose of bridging urgent cash requirements. Lenders provide up to €1000-3000 for some time.

One can get loans within 15 minutes post loan approval. The borrower has to provide valid income proof to get the loans.  Quick loans have a high-interest rate as these are short-term loans. If one continues to make timely repayments, it will only help increase the credit score.

When do fast loans are the most beneficial?

The Quick loans may not fit your needs every time. For example, if you plan to buy a car, it may not be suitable. For buying a car, personal loans are the best choice. Here is the situation where these quick cash loans make sense:

  • Paying a pending bill on the deadline
  • Urgent need of cash to pay for medical emergency
  • Car window repairing
  • Tyre puncture repairing
  • Tuition fees or credit card bills without waiting for payday

Who can apply for Quick loans?

As mentioned above, these loans are not suitable for every personality or situation. But if someone undergoing the below situation needs short-term and time-sensitive monetary help, they can apply for the loans:

  • Unemployed and living on benefits
  • Lacking a bank account
  • Lacking a credible credit score
  • Seeking loans on no credit check
  • Do not want to go for bad credit loans for a minor cash requirement

These are some popular situations where one can take out quick loans.

What are popular quick loan types of borrowing?

Here are multiple types of quick loans having different rules but some purpose. Check out these loans and borrow one that aligns well with your requirements.

1)  Doorstep Loans

These loans are instant loans available for students, retirees, single mothers, unemployed individuals and employed needing urgent cash assistance. These are home collection or door-to-door loans where the lender provides cash at the borrower's home. The representative collects the repayments from home only. It is especially ideal for differently abled-individuals and advanced years people.

2)  Payday loans

Lenders provide payday loans to individuals in need of immediate cash in order to fix something without waiting for a paycheck. The repayment term is 30 days. Repayments can be split according to affordability. Payday loans are high-interest loans. Missing on repayments can impact your credit score drastically.

3)  No credit check loans

These loans leave no search footprint on the borrower’s credit profile. Lenders do not check the credit history record from credit bureaus for providing loans. No credit check loans are for the short term. Thus, if you repay the amount before the deadline, you may encounter a rise in your credit score. These loans differ from bad credit loans in terms of criteria and approval process.

4. Instant Cash loans

These loans work the same as the loan above. One can borrow instant cash loans for any purpose without bothering about credit score or profile.

What do you need to qualify for quick loans?

To qualify for these loans, here are some mandatory parameters that one requires:

  • A scalable, income proof
  • Current income status from other modes
  • Availability of a guarantor (not mandatory
  • Repayment capacity proof

If you can prove your eligibility, you can borrow quick loans with bad credit history as an instant decision in Ireland. Lenders provide funds with a 97% approval rate and provide services irrespective of holidays.

 A quick loan assistance requirement can arise out of nowhere, and thus, direct lenders help ensure satisfactory dealing with prompt transactions. You can take out quick loans in Ireland any time on the clock.

Do these quick loans impact credit score?

Most of these loans, like doorstep and payday loans, may impact the credit score negatively in the absence of regular payments. Since these loans are high-interest loans, having a debt with a high-interest rate on your credit report can affect future borrowing opportunities. It is, therefore, essential to check out your options before applying for these loans.

Identify your savings and other income modes that you can monetize to meet the urgent requirement. Payday loan arrears can prove troublesome at a later stage and may severely impact a credit score.

If you cannot make repayments, discuss it with a lender who will help arrive at a suitable solution. No lender can file a case on a payday loan or doorstep loan arrears. Payday loans will not be reflected in the credit report, but they can impact the credit score history.

While borrowing quick loans on bad credit, identify the criteria, total costs involved with the loan and the interest rate. If you are confident enough to make regular payments on the loan, you can go for quick loans.

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