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How Does Bad Credit Affect Your Prospects of Purchasing a Franchise?
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  • April 27, 2022

How Does Bad Credit Affect Your Prospects of Purchasing a Franchise?

Owning a franchise is a great way to expand business operations with a support network.

Presently, the UK franchise industry is thriving at an appreciative rate. It has a net worth of £17.2 billion and employs 7,00,000 annually.

One source reports "93% of business franchises are profitable and 60% of them have a turnover over $250,000."

Yes, having a franchise is indeed the most profitable investment. However, it is not free from legalizations and issues, capital restrictions and eligibility restrictions.

Thus, if you are heading toward taking out legit loans for bad credit in Ireland to rationalize your dreams, you need to read this blog.

A Franchisor considers multiple aspects before handling the right to own a franchise. One considers credit score and business potential before deciding on any candidate.

By conducting a thorough evaluation or screening of your business and financial management abilities, the corporates want to know

  • Your ability to manage in-flow
  • Additional business resources
  • Profit scope

Franchise distributors analyze different aspects before franchise approval because every franchise it sells directly affects the reputation of the established business.

If one franchise does not abide by the terms and laws of the primary franchise, it is bound to affect the reputation of other franchisees in the same name.

It is the primary reason that individuals with bad credit suffer in the very process. The blog discusses how bad credit affects your prospects of buying a franchise.

6 Ways Bad Credit Impacts the Prospects of Owning a Franchise

Bad credit does not automatically cancel your application as a franchise suitor. It means you will have to make a few more efforts towards approval of the same. Here are a few challenges you would like to consider before taking instant loans in Ireland with a less than perfect credit score to fund your dreams.

1. Roadblocks to franchise Application approval

As mentioned above, franchise owners reassure every franchise approval by conducting financial and credit screening. If your record steer clears of pending debts, bankruptcy, CCJs, or any such critical issues, you may receive the right to own one almost easily.

In opposition to this, business owners or an individual seeking one with bad credit can encounter some issues. The franchise owner evaluates the potential of debt repayment and management primarily.

If your credit report reveals multiple debts or delinquencies, you may not get it readily approved. If you could prove your credibility in managing debts and securities by putting up a decent capital on the table, creditors might consider your application. However, this doesn't ensure guaranteed approval on the franchise application.

2. Difficulty in securing a loan approval

If you wonder about setting up a business or buying up a franchise, you must plan to take out legit loans for bad credit in Ireland. Buying a franchise requires a lot of capital. Initial costs of owning a franchise can cost you millions. Whether you apply for the loan through traditional lenders or credit unions, meet an eligibility criteria.

 If you seek one on bad credit, you may be asked to provide a personal guarantee on a loan. A personal guarantee secured the loan as a personal asset. There is less chance of the loan approval on bad credit.

3. Getting a lease for retail space

Getting a lease for retail space is a critical step to getting a franchise. Before becoming a franchise owner, prospective owners must get a lease.

When the commercial property manager evaluates the financial parameters, it considers important aspects. These aspects include credit score, capital strength, financial backing, etc.

He does so to ensure the buyer’s repayment potential to pay the rent. Apart from that, he will consider your record of making instalment payments. Bad credit proves the greatest obstacle here. If the commercial agent/ property manager concludes the borrower’s or buyer’s inability to make rental payments timely, he may deny the franchise approval.

4. Failure in qualifying for trade programs

There is one more way to get a franchise and rationalize your dreams. You can apply for trade programs launched by the respective franchise owner. Taking part in trade programs with vendors and suppliers will help you manage cash flow better. You may be rejected if you share a less than perfect credit history or score.

5.  Lacking an invincible business plan

Despite lacking good credit, some franchise sellers consider other aspects to provide franchises to business owners. A business plan is one of those aspects. If your business is positioned for success and you can prove the same with your well-defined business plan, you may get the approval. Franchise loves to partner with a brand that shares an excellent reputation in the market, and statistics reveal the same.

Thus, if you have bad credit, emphasize meeting the capital requirements and expect the amount. To have a better idea of this, research and explore the franchise operations in your region or area.

Analyze the total costs and discover ways to create an invincible business plan. It will help you gain credibility in the franchise owner’s eyes. Having a tab over these things will help you avoid hurting your credit score further and falling into instant loans in Ireland debt.

6.  Paying higher interest on loans

Not every lender agrees to provide financial help with poor or bad credit. Some lenders lend specifically to people with bad credit. Thus, you may get loan approval with bad credit from a lender. However, it will have towering interest rates. An increased interest rate means increased monthly payments on the loan.

As you head toward signing off the loan agreement, calculate the total costs and revenue from the business. Analyze whether the decision is worth the effort. As the statistics mentioned early in the article say, having a franchise is incredible. But it should not affect the present financial standing. Decide according to your priorities and proceed further.

Bottom Line

Many people encounter highs and lows in a credit report and undergo financial distress. There could be many factors behind it. It is imperative to acquaint the franchise owner by keeping everything upfront.

A good franchise company bets on a good and moral business owner and helps one find a solution. In opposition to this, if you share an excellent credit history with excellent financial backing and repayment credibility, you can qualify for the loan almost immediately.

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