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Living frugally can make you deprived – true or false?
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  • August 3, 2022

Living frugally can make you deprived – true or false?

The very term ‘frugal’ is often associated with being a miser. It wrongly projects if you are frugal, you don’t like to spend money even on necessities. You can say the meaning is somewhat distorted.

Frugal should mean spending mindfully and living within your capacity. It is a human quality that many of us lack. By being frugal, you will only focus on value-based spending.

In short, you will shell out money for things that are a necessity. Moreover, you will pay the least attention to your desires, like costly purchases that can be shelved.

It talks more about building a system that you can follow in your financial life. It lets you address financial issues based on priority rather than randomness.

Living frugally safeguards you from many situations that call for financing options like loans in Ireland with no credit check. It nourishes your relationship with money. It helps you to learn responsible handling of finances.

So, it does not mean you are selfish. Frugal living helps to focus on some important aspects overlooking unimportant ones. It is about the wise way of handling money. You will restrict spending at some point to channel money for some vital things.

With a frugal approach, you need to have control over spending. It does not imply that you will have to deprive yourself by cutting back exigencies.

It is a helpful step to make sure a good life for you. All it needs is some careful execution of steps. For a closer understanding, referring to this blog would be beneficial for you.

Busting the popular myth

Frugality lets you differentiate what matters to you more and what matters not. Imagine a situation when you have a limited amount of money. You get two choices to spend the way you want and to spend wisely so as to cover necessary expenses.

Which way will you choose? If you are sensible enough, you will choose the second option. However, if you are someone who is least bothered about money, the first way would be the preferred choice.

The second choice is the frugal way of living. It is evident from this example that you don’t deprive yourself. Rather, you concentrate on having a sensible.

Just because you opted for frugality, you should stop buying things. Also, you should starve. No! It is not what frugality is meant to be.

Yes, there will be restrictions as decided by you. None will force you to lead such a life.

Practical ways to live frugally

It is not an unreal thing. It is practically doable and has results to amaze you. Everything is possible if you have a serious mindset to stick on to it.

Here is a breakdown of different ways you can think of living a frugal life.

1. Begin with a strategy

Now, this strategy thing might seem overwhelming. But it actually works. You have to build a scheme, or else you will be lost.

You need to be concerned about your expenses. So, plan out how you will address your expenses. Strategising will help you make effective utilisation of the money you have.

You can decide the ratio between necessity and desire and set the limit accordingly.

2. Consider walking as the best mode of transport

You have to ditch the usual mode of transport, which could be your car or a public vehicle. Walk to reach your office. Walk anywhere you want to go.

You will save money on fuel charges. Furthermore, you can easily exclude transportation costs from your budget.

You can try this trick if you are too burdened with travel expenses. However, if your office is way too far, consider choosing a cheap mode of transport. You even opt for carpooling as a convenient way of transport.

3. Cash in bulk buy offers

There might be stores in your areas where bulk buy facilities are accessible. Why would you prefer this? It lets you buy items at a comparatively low price.

In short, buying a single-piece item would cost you more. This type of facility offers you to shop for groceries on a tight budget.

You just need to take care of the storage space. It is because you will have to store a huge quantity of groceries.

4. Switch to home cooking

If you carefully look at your expenses, you will notice a huge chunk of money is spent on food that you consume from outside. Now, you know where your money is going out. Most importantly, you figured out how cooking at home can help you save money.

You can prepare home-cooked meals with groceries that are already available at your home. Besides, even if you buy groceries for some special meal, it will not cost more like the restaurant bills.

5. Look for a roommate

You can search for a roommate if you live alone and away from your home. That person will share your expenses. This option is viable if your room can accommodate that extra person.

Otherwise, if your room is too small, you cannot allow space for your roommate.

6. Rent the extra space

If your house has some extra space that you can give on rent, you can go for it. You can search for tenants using the online platform. You can earn money utilizing the unused space of your home. It is a good idea if you want to add more money to your budget.

The bottom line

Is it foolish to lead a frugal life, or is it just a trend that you want to be part of? Indeed, it has become popular these days. However, the meaning can be misleading.

Frugal living is much more about living within your limits. Don’t think that you have to make the utmost sacrifices if you wish to live a frugal life. It is more about a way of living that you can implement for your own good.

When you choose frugality, you become capable of managing financial hiccups. You can easily overlook the need for spot financing like online loans in Ireland.

There are different ways you can live a frugal life. It is totally optional which you want to pursue.

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