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Why Paying Yourself at First Is Always a Decision You’ll Love
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  • August 12, 2022

Why Paying Yourself at First Is Always a Decision You’ll Love

Now that you know that there is a reason to pay yourself first, then are you going to do it?

Well, you can make a good thing happen by doing so if only you welcome the fact that you are one of them who wouldn’t ignore saving money and paying it to yourself.

Yes, we know that you have got allowances to pay or to manage other deeds like paying your utility bills and making advancements to keeping the savings account fuelled.

But the good news is this you can definitely make a better statement of your money if you do this payment thing all to yourself in the beginning after you receive your salary. You can, in fact, do this before you make even a single payment to the people and organisations to which you owe money on a regular basis.

So, coming down to the main point, we can say that paying yourself means paying yourself at the very first of doing things all by yourself, and that would make it pretty clear that you value money in the best ways possible and that you are doing a good job with your salary or revenue.

But is there any true utilisation of this method? Does it actually work?

We can find that out in this post.

  • Why Paying Yourself Means More?

Paying yourself is a good habit, even if you are not much into it.

You can pay yourself in a better way, even by choosing a plan such as a loan for bad credit in Ireland.

What you can do here is that you can definitely turn your ventures even more interesting if you pay attention to your ’pay yourself’ approach in the form of financial schemes.

And this happens wonderfully when we stick to making out own decisions about the fact that we are going to pay ourselves for the betterment of the future.

Here’s why it matters the most:

  • It Is Probably the Best Booster for Savings
  • You Can Make It Happen as It’s a Simple Psychological Trick
  • You Might As Well Gain Supplied for Emergencies
  • It Is Your Duty to Make It Mandatory
  • It’s Great for a Retirement Plan

To make money is to save money. This is the way you develop a good relationship with money and your personal savings.

Maybe a good ‘paying yourself’ strategy is going to make it work.

Here’s How:

  • It Is Probably the Best Booster for Savings

Is it right to save first or to save later when you might be left with barely some money?

Money has a nature, and it is like fish.

Just like fish in a water stream, money doesn’t stay. It is going to slip off for some reason or two.

Unless you are saving it, of course!

Saving money is for a more generalised cause. It is that your future is required to be safeguarded. And Paying yourself might as well mean that you are taking the fact of savings as a priority and not as a necessity. There is a difference between these two things.

Identify it to start paying yourself.

  • You Can Make It Happen as It’s a Simple Psychological Trick

Do you know we are the slaves of habit?

All animals are!

However, the difference we have with animals is that they are not conscious of the habits they make. Whether the habit is implemented by nature or humankind (sadly), animals follow them just in the way they are supposed to.

We do the same.

Only that we are conscious of the fact that we are making a habit for the good of our future life.

This is a superpower, dear readers!

If you want to make this superpower of habit into a financial advantage, then choose to save money by paying yourself first. Yes, it is a habit. But psychologists found that it is a rewarding habit and that it keeps the brain happy and reinforces you more to continue the habit.

And that means even more money in your bank account.

  • You Might As Well Gain Supplies for Emergencies

What if you need supplies in the form of cash?

Well, you definitely get that when you pay yourself first, don’t you?

When you are amalgamating your emergency account in the way of paying yourself. Then you are making two things at the same time.

You can choose to pay yourself using the piggybank you have stored, or you can definitely start an account for emergency (which is the unofficial ‘pay myself’ account).

  • It Is Your Duty to Make It Mandatory

So, are you interested in making an account of this type?

The thing is, you can get immediate help from money lenders in Ireland to make that down payment for the cash money you are about to offer your bank or financial institution for an emergency account.

In this way, you can repay the loan using part of your income as instalments, and your main savings account remains UNTOUCHED.

  • A Bonus Point to Conclude: It’s Great for a Retirement Plan

People have so many ventures to manage money.

Isn’t it a good option when you save money for the future using simply your own habit?

You don’t have to worry about making a separate retirement policy as you are going to pay yourself first at the beginning of each payday to make a good retirement plan yourself.

In this way, you take control of the things in your life in a meaningful way.

Taking control of one’s life matters, and that can happen at any point in time. If you are a very young person (let’s say in your 20s), then paying yourself can be a golden thing for you as many come to know about this later and then start saving money when they’re already way older.

However, that is what this blog and the Internet are for.

Now that you know…

Start saving…this time for yourself!

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